All Sleeper Node Locations in Destiny 2: Warmind

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These are acquired only from certain activities, including Patrols, Public Events, Adventures, and possibly by eliminating high-value targets and completing Lost Sectors.

Glacial Drift Sleeper Nodes

Okay, so I have found white ones which require kinetic damage, purple is void, blue is arc. I have also found red and yellow ones. The yellow I could only destroy with my solar rocket, and one of the red ones I found let me shoot it with solar secondary, but the other red ones are immune to everything.

Each one of these strings will contain a clue to the location of one of 40 total Sleeper Nodes, i. Catwalk points players toward the Glacial Drift location around the catwalk near the gatehouse.

The Sleeper Nodes themselves shouldn't be too hard to find assuming the player is in the right area: Here's a look at all of the Destiny 2: Warmind Sleeper Node locations we've found so far. To find the Descent. Warsat node, head to the Glacial Drift and then into the twisting caves to the south. Once at the crashed Warsat, look over cliff behind the Warsat to locate the node. Ledge node can be found in the twisting cave system to the south of Glacial Drift. Head through the cave system, past the crashed Warsat, hugging the left wall all the way to the cliff.

Look over the lip to spot the Sleeper node. Head into the caves and follow the path along to the doorway to the Penumbral Depths, it will be locked with Hive chains.

To the left is the Sleeper node near the edge of the cliff. Cliffside node can be found on the left side of the entrance to the Ma'adim Subterrane Lost Sector. The node itself is situated within an alcove near a pair of trees. Freight node is on top of the area's bridge, found in a shipping container within the smaller-sized group of trains. Catwalk node can be found in the building to the right of the Glacial Drift fast travel point. Head inside the building and use the box to reach the catwalk running along the upper sides of the room.

Foundation node can be found under the northwest side of the bridge in the Glacial Drift. Look beneath the bridge supports to locate the node. BackEnd node is sitting within a small building on the path toward Braytech, on a ledge just beyond a ladder. Elevator node is just inside and to the left within a building labeled C off the south and western edge of the bridge. Storage node is in another building near the southwest end of the train bridge, in a building just off the beaten path.

Chasm node is located within the Ma'adim Subterrane Lost Sector, shoved between rock walls off the main passage not too far from the bridge. The so-far unnamed Lost Sector node can be located not too far from the bridge as the player makes their way toward the Cabal.

Tree node can be found as players approach the tree near the stone archway. Look for the node at the side of the cliff. Arch node is by the same archway, sitting in the snow just behind the base of the arch. Cavern node can be found above the door into the cave by climbing the series of rocks just to the left of the entrance. When you enter the first room with frozen Hive, go up the stairs, turn left and go left up the stairs to the next room.

In the Cabal room with the Rasputin vent. Shoot the enemy as you enter, then hop up the platform to your left. When you reach this space, go left up the small flight of stairs. The Node is in a corner behind you as soon as you get up the stairs.

Go past the previous room and into this hallway before you fight a high-level wizard. The Node is up on a shelf by the large fan towards the ceiling. You have to jump up to get there. Also in the wizard room. Go straight and under the little bridge to find a Node. To the right of the first hallway is a room with a bunch of pillars.

Just past the previous location tucked in a corner by this stairwell. When you reach this area with the pyramid, turn right, left and left again through the maze of pillars.

In the room where you found Control. Door, shoot the vent to your immediate left as you enter. Use the pipes below it to hop your way in. The Node is right at the end of the vent. On the entrance ramp from Glacial, work your way right. Follow the path up this way till you see a small nook in the buildings to your left. The Node is hiding in there. As you go up the entrance ramp to the area, hop to this building on your right. The Node sits between some storage containers straight ahead.

This Node is in between two buildings where the Injection Rig spawns. Pass through here and the Node is to your right. The Node is behind the tanks. This is in the Bray building right across from Ana. Just go up these stairs and the Node is waiting for you.

To the left of the Bray building is this place swarming with Hive. There are numerous possible versions you can get, but there are no clear instructions about what to do with it. The description appears to be gibberish--for instance, you might get one that reads "CB. Specifically, it's the text that's not in all capital letters that you'll want to pay attention to. The first portion of our example, Futurescape, directs you to an area labeled on the map.

From there, you head to the dock and then to the garage. When you get to the location your item leads you to, you'll find a floating object which looks like two inverted pyramids stacked on top of one another that essentially functions like a locked chest.

Provided you've gone to the right location, the Override Frequency you have will unlock the node. You can be sure you're in the right place both because you'll see the "Collect Loot" prompt and because you'll hear music coming from it. You can bump into these nodes at any time in Warmind, but only once you have the correct Override Frequency can you open them.

When opening these nodes, you'll get your hands on rewards like engrams and shaders. But opening them is part of a larger, overarching quest that you can keep track of with Ana. It's unclear at this point what completing all 40 of the nodes gets you, but players have reported receiving the Sleeper Simulant--an Exotic linear fusion rifle--after doing 15 of them.