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A single two-sided crib sheet is allowed for each midterm. The final exam will cover the entire subject with somewhat greater emphasis on material from after Midterm 4. Most exam questions will be variants of problems assigned during the term pset, class, midterm, and online. It may include a few questions which combine topics that were originally covered separately. A pair of two-sided crib sheets total: The lowest three 3 class session scores will not count in grade calculation.

This effectively gives you three class sessions you can miss without excuse or penalty. Think of the three absences as "personal" days which you may use for sick leave, professional conflicts like job interviews, or sleeping in. Waivers and makeups for missed psets or absences will be considered only after the three allowed absence waivers are used up.

There will also be an opportunity to make up for one missed or poor score among your four midterm grades.

The class is not graded on a curve. Instead, students are assessed individually. In particular, students who remain in class after Drop Date are not in jeopardy of seeing their grades change due to the change in class composition. While there is no curve, it is expected that, as in the past, 6. For specific concerns about how a pset or exam problem was graded, students should go first to their Team Coach.

If the Coach is confident about a regrade, they can change the grade. If a student's concerns are not resolved by their Coach, they may appeal to a class session supervisor right after class, or send email to sgradesmaster at mit. Pictures and Email addresses for individual staff members are available. Email links are also available on Stellar. For website issues, contact the webmaster at mit. Considerations for Taking the Subject This Term There are two main considerations for students in deciding to take 6.

Team Problem Solving This is a "flipped" class: Class meeting time is then devoted almost entirely to team problem solving and studying with teams of 6 to 8 students sitting around a table and sharing a nearby whiteboard. Weekly Schedule Class Text Reading for each class will be assigned from our own class textbook. Videos and Online Feedback Questions Online questions based on video mini-lectures and the text are due before each class.

Problem Sets Psets will be usually be posted on Wednesdays and due after nine days on Friday. Detailed Calendar The complete schedule includes topic and reading listings for each class, as well as PSet due dates and midterm dates. UBS hält sich derzeit alleine für stärker.

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