Thomson Reuters CRB Commodity Producers Indexes

The Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB Index (TR/CC CRB) is a commodity futures price index. It was first calculated by Commodity Research Bureau, Inc. in and made its inaugural appearance in the CRB Commodity Year Book.

These companies provide the feedstock for global economic expansion and are offered as stand-alone sector indexes. Industry Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Media companies based in New York City

Thomson Reuters has over 30 years’ expertise in the Indices business and has calculated many of the most widely-held indices in the world. Our pure beta indices and smart indices address many investor objectives across asset classes, themes, regions and sectors. We offer comprehensive institutional-quality solutions and a full-service indexing partnership to help you get your ideas to market.

Thomson Reuters Foundation is the London-based charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, a Canadian global information and news network. The Foundation provides practical, skills-based training programmes available in seven languages and across countries.

To date, over 15, journalists have been trained internationally on 27 highly specialised training topics. A Reuters instrument code, or RIC, is a ticker-like code used by Thomson Reuters to identify financial instruments and indices. The codes are used for looking up information on various Thomson Reuters financial information networks like Bridge and RMDS and appear to have developed from the Quotron service they purchased in the s.

RICs as originally defined by Skeete were meant to be logical and intuitive. For equities the codes were composed of a RIC Root one to four characters — A through Z , followed by a period sign, then a one- or two-character A through Z code denoting the exchange on which the instrument is traded. Each company was meant to have a unique RIC root.

It measures and forecasts realized volatility at a variety of time horizons - from one day to several months. Function This index can be used to construct volatility curves with a variety of time horizons. It can also be used to construct the skew necessary for pricing out-of-the-money options. Its forecast ability allows realized volatility to be known a few days to a month in advance.

Realized volatility can be considered a more useful measure for market participants than Implied Volatility measures. After the acquisition of Reuters in , Thomson became the chairman of the merged entity, Thomson Reuters.

He was also a par The index comprises 17 commodity futures that are continuously rebalanced: The 17 components of the CCI are continuously rebalanced to maintain the equal weight of 5. Since CCI components are equally weighted, they therefore distribute evenly into the major sectors: While other commodity indices may overweight in certain sectors e.

Energy , the CCI provides exposure to all f Reuters Xtra was an electronic trading platform which was released by Reuters in and supported until the end of It was typically used by professional traders and financial analysts in trading rooms. It was superseded by the Eikon platform, first released in Originally designed as an information system, later versions also introduced trading functions, allowing orders to be placed on a number of electronic exchanges and with other dealing desks.

The client software connected to Reuters hardware at the client's premises, which combined multiple connections to the Reuters networks over redundant, fault-tolerant dedicated links, often private T1s. This was provided on-site via a proprietary and often redundant hardware installation, such as Reuters Ma Thomson Reuters league tables capture market activity and deal leadership across the mergers and acquisitions, equity issuance, debt issuance, syndicated loans and US municipal bond markets.

Rankings measure aggregated transactional data by value and number of deals, sector and geography, and imputed fees and are designed to serve as an independent standard for the measurement of deal leadership. League tables serve the needs of global and regional investment banks and professional services firms who typically use them in promotional materials or client pitches. Corporations also use them in order to help them decide which institutions to hire to help them conduct strategic corporate actions.

League tables also function as an analytical tool for market share and trend analysis. Eikon is a set of software products provided by Refinitiv for financial professionals to monitor and analyze financial information.

It provides access to real time market data, news, fundamental data, analytics, trading and messaging tools. The main product runs on Windows and lets users compose customized views on multiple screens. It also extends Microsoft Office with data retrieval addins.

Eikon subscribers can access Eikon data from their smartphones,[1] iPad, or from a web browser. Retrieved 2 February Calais is a service by Thomson Reuters that automatically extracts semantic information from web pages in a format that can be used on the semantic web. Archived from the original on Start making sense "Calais API guide". Coverage TRBC covers over 70, public companies from countries and provides over 10 years of classification history.

The classification consists of five levels of hierarchical structure. Each company is allocated an Industry, which falls under an Industry group, then Business Sector, which is then part of an overall economic sector. TRBC consists of 10 economic sectors, 28 business sectors, 54 industry groups, industries and Activities.

The top four levels are as follows: Smith born is an American business executive. Smith was born in [2] in Carlisle, Kentucky, where he spent his youth.

Reuters Group plc was a British multinational media and financial information company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Reuters Group was best known for the Reuters news agency, which was the original business of the company. Reuters Docklands Technical Centre, in the London Docklands area Paul Julius Reuter noticed that, with the electric telegraph, news no longer required days or weeks to travel long distances. In the s, the year-old Reuter was based in Aachen — then in the Kingdom of Prussia, now in Germany — close to the borders with the Netherlands and Belgium.

He began using the newly opened Berlin—Aachen telegraph line to send news to Berlin. It was founded in It is now part of the Professional division of Thomson Reuters. Modern day Carswell offers products, services, customized training and technical support to practitioners and organizations across Canada and beyond. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Carswell provides products and services in a range of formats, including books, looseleaf services, journals, newsletters, CD-ROMs and online products.

Lexpert,[2] Canada's leading source of news and information about the business of law, was acquired in The Cyberbahn Group,[3] a leading provider of corporate and commercial searches, company registrations, and litigation services in Canada, joined Carswell in Carswell has been recognized as a best employer consistently since Reuters TV is a mobile video news service operated by the news organization Reuters. Live feeds from service were also available via Livestation before Livestation was shut down.

Preparations for the service began in originally testing the concept on YouTube. Reuters TV has both a U. The stories are chosen by user's interests, time and location for example, an American Thomson Reuters Messenger RM; formerly Reuters Messaging is an instant messaging tool and real time collaboration service designed for financial professionals.

Messenger was first released by Reuters in November The most recent version of Messenger is Thomson Reuters Messenger 8. About Thomson Reuters Messenger allows financial professionals to securely share information with customers, colleagues and other business counterparts worldwide and in real-time. Messenger is available as a stand-alone product or as an embedded component in other Thomson Reuters products.

The Messenger community provides direct access to over , professionals from the world's top financial institutions. Thomson Reuters Messenger Compliance is an add-on risk management and regulatory compliance service. Messenger Compliance logs all content shared and received through Messenger including group Through sharing among farmers, it is estimated to have reached million farmers.

RML AgTech covers over crop and crop varieties and more than markets. This database allows a researcher to identify which articles Reuters Insider is a website provided by Thomson Reuters that offers financial videos for viewing online, and launched on May 11, The website has been described as "YouTube for traders". Video from the website is created by Thomson Reuters' own reporters, as well as the company's roughly partners.

Reuters Insider is targeted towards financial experts, while Thomson Reuter's primary competitor, Bloomberg L. The Woodbridge Company Limited is a Canadian private holding company based in Toronto, and the principal and controlling shareholder Part of the Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions suite, the World-Check database of Politically Exposed Persons PEPs and heightened risk individuals and organisations is used around the world to help to identify and manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk.

The creation of the database was in response to legislation aimed at reducing the incidence of financial crimes. To begin with, World-Check's intelligence was used by banks and financial institutions as a comprehensive solution for assessing, managing and remediating risk. However, as legislation has become increasingly complex and its reach has become increasingly global, the demand for such intelligence has grown beyond the financial sector to include organisations from all sectors.

Research coverage World-Check's research team monitors emerging risks in more than 60 languages, covering over countries and territories worldwide. All information used is in the public domain and research analysts profile individuals and entities usin The Reuters Institute is the University of Oxford's research centre on issues affecting news media globally. The Institute was founded in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford in to conduct scholarly and professional research on news media, operate the Thomson Reuters Journalism Fellowship Programme, and host academic research fellows.

The RISJ works to bridge daily working journalism and academic study and is a university research centre of excellence. The Institute regularly holds seminars and events and has an extensive publication programme.

Located on 7th Avenue between 42nd Street and 43rd Street, the building was part of the large 42nd Street redevelopment project. Like most structures in Times Square, the building has numerous large electronic advertising displays across multiple facades. The facade is composed of a stone and glass curtain walls with metal panels, which promotes natural daylighting.

The building was designed to be energy efficient and does not require heating. The building is also equipped with dual g FindLaw is a business of Thomson Reuters that provides online legal information and online marketing services for law firms.

The site includes case law, state and federal statutes, a lawyer directory, and legal news and analysis. It also includes a free legal dictionary and magazine called Writ, whose contributors mostly legal academics argue, explain and debate legal matters of topical interest. FindLaw offers website development and Internet advertising services for legal professionals and extended members of the legal community through lawyermarketing. Founded in as Lipper Analytical Services, it was acquired by Reuters in Lipper delivers data on more than , collective investments in 61 countries.

Corporate history Lipper Analytical Services was founded in by securities analyst A. In subsequent years, Lipper Analytical Services expanded via growth and acquisitions. The Exchange Telegraph Co.

The company established ticker tape telegraph machines in offices, gentlemen's clubs, banks etc. It introduced a parliamentary service in , a general news service in and a legal service in The business was so successful that by they had opened ten other branches outside London.

The company continued to grow and improve, becoming increasingly more efficient. It added a faster financial service in and began operating a worldwide news service in , with a separate sports service included in the s. Over the course of its history, Extel the name coming into common use for the company in the s grew into one of the leading news agencies, provider of financial information and associated bu RMDS is used to transport, integrate and manage financial data from stock exchanges and other data sources to end users such as a bank or enterprise using multicast or broadcast technology.

These components configured together create a basic RMDS deployment. Westlaw is an online legal research service for lawyers and legal professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom and is a product of Thomson Reuters. In addition, it provides proprietary database services.

Information resources on Westlaw include more than 40, databases of case law, state and federal statutes, administrative codes, newspaper and magazine articles, public records, law journals, law reviews, treatises, legal forms and other information resources. Westlaw supports natural language and Boolean searches. Other significant Westlaw features include KeyCite, a citation checking service, which customers use to determine whether cases or statutes are still good law, and a customizable tabbed interface that lets customers bring their most-used resources to the top.

Other tabs organize Westlaw content around the specific work needs of litigators, in-house cor It was acquired by Thomson Reuters in September It was dedicated to providing original research, analysis and training on pay benchmarking, pay settlements, HR policy and practice, pensions law and practice, and employment law. IDS published numerous journals and books, had several subscription websites, and undertook contract research.

In December Thomson Reuters announced its decision to close the business from 31 March , discontinuing the pay and HR products. At the same time it sold a licence to former employees to use the pay and data and software code to establish a new business called Incomes Data Research. Pangea3 provides legal services and intellectual property services to in-house counsel in U. Pangea3 provides its legal outsourcing services from its India based offices and their Dallas, TX office.

In , Pangea3 opened its first office in Mumbai with 35 employees. It has since grown to 1, U. Breakingviews is Reuters' brand for financial commentary. The company was founded in as Breakingviews. In , the site became the first online business journal to win a Harold Wincott award,[3] and its columnists have won numerous awards since then.

In , the site launched a United States edition, led by founding editor Rob Cox. Thomson Reuters bought the company i Mastercard Incorporated stylized as MasterCard from to and mastercard since is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in the Mastercard International Global Headquarters in Purchase, New York, United States.

Throughout the world, its principal business is to process payments between the banks of merchants and the card issuing banks or credit unions of the purchasers who use the "Mastercard" brand debit, credit and prepaid to make purchases.

Mastercard Worldwide has been a publicly traded company since Prior to its initial public offering, Mastercard Worldwide was a cooperative owned by the more than 25, financial institutions that issue its branded cards. Mastercard, originally known as "Interbank" and "Master Charge" from to ,[3] was created by several California banks as a competitor to the BankAmericard iss Its British group includes W.

Green in Scotland and Round Hall in Ireland. It also published many well-regarded looseleafs and books. In , its Asia division with headquarters in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore won the contract to supply law books to the Hong Kong government. External links Home page in Spanish Thomson press release, January Practical Law, a division of West Publishing Corporation, is a legal publishing company which provides legal know-how for business lawyers.

It also acts as secretariat for the GC group of general counsel and company secretaries. Since then it has expanded to provide predominantly web-based subscription services to law firms and law departments across a range of specialist subject areas such as corporate, finance, property, tax and intellectual property. Practical Law, the brainchild of two former Slaughter and May lawyers, launched in as a print venture geared toward transactional lawyers in the United Kingdom.

The company's first publications detailed the lawyering requirements for specific types of transactions--highly structured leveraged buyouts and the like--and discussed why certain structures are used for certain types of deals. Its overall focus is cited reference searching of the notable and significant journal literature in materials science. The database makes accessible the various properties, behaviors, and materials in the materials science discipline.

This then encompasses applied physics, ceramics, composite materials, metals and metallurgy, polymer engineering, semiconductors, thin films, biomaterials, dental technology, as well as optics. The database indexes relevant materials science information from over 6, scientific journals that are part of the ISI database which is multidisciplinary. Author abstracts are searchable, which links articles sharing one or more bibliographic references.

The database also allows a researcher to use an appropriate or related to research article as a base to search forward in time to discover more recently published articles that cite it. The data subsequently was used as the basis for articles in academic finance journals attempting to demonstrate that changes in consensus earnings estimates could identify opportunities to capture excess returns in subsequent periods. After starting with annual earnings estimates and estimates of "Long Term Growth, the database later was expanded to include quarterly earnings estimates.

This allowed for the analysis of "Quarterly Earnings Surprises. Writ is a legal commentary website on the topic of the law of the United States hosted by FindLaw.

The website is no longer adding content, having published its last entry in August Before then, Writ published at least one new column by one of its regular columnists every business day, and frequently posted a second column by a guest columnist.

The regular columnists were all notable attorneys. Almost all contributors are law professors; some are former law clerks from the U. Supreme Court; some are past or present federal prosecutors; one is a former Counsel to the President; one is a novelist, and one is the current director of the Terrorism and Counterterrorism Program of Human Rights Watch. The guest columnists also tend to be law professors or seasoned attorneys. When the website was still producing new content, columnists commented both on notable ongoing court cases and recent court decisions, as well as on current events.

Writ also published occasional book reviews, on books of both legal and The Rutter Group, founded by William Rutter,[1] is a business of Thomson Reuters that publishes materials for lawyers and judges in the United States, with a particular focus on California. The Rutter Group is well known for its Rutter Group Practice Guides, which are written and edited by famous lawyers and judges. When this occurs, the Rutter treatises include the parenthetical "citing text" when listing the cases.

It is made up of two divisions: ITN produces the daily news programmes for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in the UK, and in recent years has diversified to produce a wide range of content including documentaries, sports, advertising and digital material for a range of international clients. Since , there have been ten revisions to Index components.

The first was in and the latest in In the original calculation, all future deliveries up to a year ahead were averaged to calculate the current price. In , the calculation was changed to only include deliveries nine months forward. In , all non-cycle months were excluded from the calculation.

The revision lowers the number of forward deliveries included to those within six months of the current date, up to a maximum of five delivery months per commodity. However, a minimum of two delivery months must be used to calculate the current price, even if the second contract is outside of the six-month window.

There has also been a continuous adjustment of the individual components used in calculating the Index since the original 28 were chosen in All of these changes have been part of the continuing effort of Thomson Reuters to ensure that its value provides accurate representation of broad commodity price trends. These are sorted into 4 groups, each with different weightings. The index comprises 19 commodities: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.