9.6.1 The (Plot Details) Box Tab

Diagrams have been used since ancient times, but became more prevalent during the Enlightenment. Available in Lognormal, Exponential, Weibull and Gamma distributions. For the British band, see Diagrams band.

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When the Box Width by Parameter check box is selected, the box width is controlled by the column label row listed in this drop-down. Use the Range drop-down list to determine the quantity displayed by the whiskers or choose No Whiskers. Probability combo box is only available when Confidence Interval is selected in Range drop-down list. Select or type a value n into the Coef combo box to expand the whisker by a factor of n.

Note that if you select Outlier from the Range drop-down list and accept the default Coef value of 1. Type or select a value by which to scale the associated parameters default is 1.

For example, select 0. Use the Range drop-down list to determine the quantity displayed by the error bar or choose None. Specify whether link the X-axis to a real scale. By default, it set to Auto that does not link to the real axis scale. In this drop-down list, these column labels can choose as the parameter to control the scale: Long Name , Units , Comment , Sam.

For example, when you select Perc 25, 75 from the Range list for Box , the labels for the 75th percentile, median and 25th percentile, will display in the graph. This check box is not available when neither Mean Line check box on the Line tab nor Mean box on the Percentile tab is checked. This check box is not available when neither Median Line check box on the Line tab nor Median box on the Percentile tab is checked. The labels format can be customized in the Label tab.

Input data is ordered from smallest to largest, and then the serial number of the sorted data is scored using one of the methods listed below. In this table, is the serial number and is the total number of the nonmissing input data. Highlight one Y column. For a probability plot: Alternatively, you can click the Probability Plot button on the 2D Graphs toolbar. For a Q-Q plot: Click OK to create a probability plot or a Q-Q plot. Distribution Four distributions are available.

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