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Rather than Flying down to New Bark, take Route 45 or you will miss the chance to catch some new Pokemon, including Gilgar (in Pokemon Gold) and Phanpy (in Pokemon Silver), which evolves into the.

Mortal Kombat is a classic 2D fighting game that revolutionized the fighting game genre by using fully-digitized character

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01/07/ · Einer der ersten LPer die das Remake von Gold und Silber und somit der Johto/Kanto Region online gestellt haben war ich. Noch dazu habe ich es zu % gelöst.

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Show only see all Show only. Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Pounds Sterling and are approximate conversions to Pounds Sterling based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. This page was last updated: There are two different "types" of gameplay. In battles, players have several options. The Pokemon that is in battle can attack the rival Pokemon be it a wild Pokemon or a trainer Pokemon with a variety of attacks.

Players can switch out Pokemon and run away as well. The main goal of these battles is to get the rival Pokemon to "faint. However, when fighting a wild Pokemon, players can attempt to catch it for further use.

Other trainers' Pokemon cannot be caught. After winning a battle, the Pokemon gain experience , and eventually level up. For many Pokemon, when they reach a certain level they evolve into another form of the Pokemon e. Pikachu evolves into Raichu , Totodile evolves into Croconaw. Some Pokemon have other requirements to evolve, such as items equipped.

Each Pokemon has a type, mostly based on nature e. Each type has a or some strength s and weakness es. These types also affect the Pokemon's statistics, such as, defense, attack power, and speed. Some types are completely immune to another type's attacks. In addition to stat bonuses and immunity, many Pokemon have unique attacks available relating to their type. Players can talk with non-playable characters. He can travel to the various towns of Johto region, along with many other locations.

Players can interact with objects and non-playable characters, sometimes relating to the plot. In towns, players have a variety of options, including purchasing items, healing all of the Pokemon in the party as well as switching out Pokemon , and challenging that city's gym leader. There are many other areas to visit, including caves , forests , and even the ocean. While in the overworld, it is also possible to trigger a random battle with a wild Pokemon.

New features of Gold and Silver are numerous. It implements a day and night system that is based on a real-time internal clock. Influenced by this clock are many things, including specific events and what Pokemon appear. With the ability for Pokemon to hold items introduced, many items were created to take advantage of this mechanic, including berries which can do many things, including boosts to power, healing status effects, and restoring health.

Gold and Silver's legendary Pokemon include Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, who are a completely new type of legendary Pokemon. Instead of encountering them at a specific location, they appear randomly around Johto, and will run away occasionally. However, they retain any status effects or damage upon running away. Unique "shiny" Pokemon were added, which were a different color than the regular version of the Pokemon, and extremely rare.

Steel type are strong and have a high defense, while Dark type are powerful against Psychic Pokemon they are even immune to any Psychic attacks. Breeding was a feature that has stayed since Gold and Silver, allowing players to leave two Pokemon in the day care center for a chance for them to breed. Many species of Pokemon cannot breed, however. The child of the Pokemon will gain whatever moves its father has, while it gets the species of its mother. Plot Chikorita, one of the three starter Pokemon.

In the beginning of the game, he moves to New Bark Town and meets Professor Elm , who gives him the choice of one of three Pokemon: Cyndaquil , Totodile , or Chikorita. Professor Elm also gives a Pokemon to Gold's rival, who meets up with Gold later in the game to battle him.

To do so, Gold must battle the eight gym leaders of Johto, each specializing in a particular type of Pokemon. After defeating each of the gym leaders and collecting their badges, Gold must fight the Elite Four and the Champion, and then eventually the eight gym leaders of Kanto. In the very end, Gold fights the protagonist of Red and Blue, Red, in the final battle. Along this path, Gold must also battle the organization known as Team Rocket , whose intents include abusive experimentation on Pokemon.

The remaining Pokemon, those that are new to this game, are listed below. This time the region where the game primarily takes places is called Johto and the gym leaders are all different than its prequel. Professor Elm will give you a ticket to S. Aqua docked in Olivine, if you decide to board you'll end up in Vermilion where S.

Now you can explore Kanto's Gyms, in a new order. The only difference, except for the order, is that Koga is not longer a Gym Leader, since he's now on the Elite Four we can only assume he got promoted, and leaved his gym spot for his daughter, Janine.

Vermilion City Gym Leader - Lt. Brruno from the previous Elite mark a come back, while the previously gym leader Koga appears as one of the four. These Pokemon have more experience than the rest, and can be found in already high levels ranging from 30 to There's also two new birds, Lugia and Ho-oh; although when you buy one or the other version of the game one of these two Pokemon come printed on the cover, you can capture both in any of the distinct versions.

There's also a time-traveler Pokemon called Celebi that wasn't included in this version, and got removed from American and European cartridges of Crystal, was only obtainable through Nintendo Events.