List of bilateral free-trade agreements

What aspects require special attention when travelling abroad or going to another country to study a language, study at an educational institution, or work as an au pair?

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Dossiers Dossiers on current foreign policy priority issues. International law Governs relations between states and serves as the basis for ensuring peace, stability and the protection of people. Security Policy Switzerland is involved in international organisations and security policy partnerships that contribute to world stability; commitment to a low level of armament, non-proliferation and arms control. The financial centre and the economy The financial sector and exports as pillars of the Swiss economy; Swiss laws prohibit the investment of illicitly acquired assets in the Swiss financial centre.

International organizations Organizations where Switzerland is a member, where it has a mission or which are based in Switzerland. Development and Cooperation Swiss commitment to sustainable global development to reduce poverty and global risks; focus on fragile and conflict-affected countries; development cooperation, cooperation with Eastern Europe and Swiss Humanitarian Aid implement concrete projects. Peace and human rights Protecting individuals from war, violence and arbitrary treatment, and promoting peace, democracy and human rights are priorities of Swiss foreign policy.

Environment, science, transport, energy and health Ensuring coherence in specific policy areas, particularly education, science, space, health, the environment, sustainable development, energy and transport; coordination with specialised departments and safeguarding of foreign policy interests.

Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic. Kitts and Nevis St. Vanuatu Vatican Venezuela Vietnam. Search for a country. General travel advice Travel advice explained in brief Travel destinations Tips before you travel Travel documents, visa and entry Tips during your trip FAQ Terrorism and abduction Earthquake Radioactivity Help while abroad Travel links.

Swissemigration Swissemigration provides you with documentation and general advisory services on individual countries and specific topics. Stays abroad Things to bear in mind when travelling abroad or going to another country to learn a language, study or work as an au pair. Emigrating Checklist, country-specific information and details regarding employment and retirement abroad. Publications and statistics Have a look at our publications and statistics on the topic of living abroad.

Rights and obligations of Swiss nationals abroad The laws and obligations that apply to Swiss nationals who live and travel abroad. Structure of the state and current-day politics A selection of websites explaining how Switzerland is structured and how it functions, providing you with the information you will need to form an opinion and exercise your political rights from overseas. Visa requirements Choose a country: Information regarding entry into Switzerland and residence Requirements for entry into Switzerland and residence, depending on the type of visit, duration of stay and nationality of the traveller.

Information about Switzerland The people, culture, leisure activities, geography, environment, education, economy, politics and history of Switzerland. Information and contact Contact points for information and answers to specific questions concerning entry into and residence in Switzerland.

Visa requirements The basic differences in types of visa and how to apply for them using a visa application form at a Swiss representation abroad. Living in Switzerland What you need to know about working, studying and living in Switzerland as a foreign national.

Business activities in Switzerland Factors that make Switzerland one of the world's most successful business locations. Services for Swiss nationals abroad Switzerland offers nationals residing abroad a range of consular services.

Lecture service FDFA specialists come to you — an offer to schools, associations and other institutions. Publications New releases, specialist publications and brochures to download or order. Export promotion and investment protection Export promotion and protection of investments for Swiss companies in Switzerland and abroad, Promoting Switzerland as a business location via the Swiss Business Hubs.

Protocol and visits The FDFA is in charge of organising official ceremonies, particularly visits made by heads of state and government representatives to Switzerland.

Access to official documents The procedure for obtaining access to official documents in accordance with the transparency principle. Notification system for residents' register offices Information on notifications of departures and returns by residents' register offices to the FDFA via eVera, the electronic administrative network for Swiss nationals residing abroad.

Mandates The FDFA awards mandates to individuals or organisations with specialist expertise for the implementation of specific projects or activities. August 15, [47]. Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement. Canada-Peru free trade agreement. Chile-El Salvador free trade agreement. Chile-Costa Rica free trade agreement. Chile-Mexico Free Trade Agreement.

Thailand-Chile Free Trade Agreement. Chile-Japan free trade agreement. Chile-South Korea free trade agreement. China-Chile free trade agreement. October 1, [48]. China—Peru Free Trade Agreement. China—Pakistan Free Trade Agreement. China-Thailand free trade agreement. China-Singapore free trade agreement. Chile-Panama free trade agreement. Egypt-Turkey free trade agreement.

European Free Trade Association-Chile free trade agreement. European Free Trade Association. European Free Trade Association-Canada free trade agreement. European Free Trade Association-Israel free trade agreement. European Free Trade Association-Turkey free trade agreement.

European Union-Canada free trade agreement. European Union-Chile free trade agreement. Israel-Turkey free trade agreement. Morocco-Turkey free trade agreement. Russia-Armenia free trade agreement.

Serbia - Russia Free Trade Agreement. Serbia - Belarus Free Trade Agreement. Serbia - Turkey Free Trade Agreement. Serbia - Kazakhstan Free Trade Agreement. Turkey-Bosnia and Herzegovina free trade agreement. Turkey-Macedonia free trade agreement. Turkey-Palestinian Authority free trade agreement. Turkey-Tunisia free trade agreement. Ukraine-Armenia free trade agreement. Japan-Vietnam free trade agreement. Chile-Peru Free Trade Agreement.

Chile-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Chile-Honduras Free Trade Agreement. November 1, [49]. Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement. You'll find products here that ONLY match your palette's application, budget, colors and location. Simply select a Product Category to view all matches for that category. If a product category has any filters to help you narrow your search they will appear.

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