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Consumer Price Index CPI in the United Arab Emirates is expected to be Index Points by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.

Archived from the original on 19 January Foreign nationals subjected to forced disappearance include two Libyans [] and two Qataris. Thomas Ruzicka — Germany. In the desert, the flora is very sparse and consists of grasses and thorn bushes.

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The latest Tweets from INDEX Exhibition (@INDEXDubai). INDEX will be returning in from September - Connecting the world with the Middle East design community. #INDEXDubai. Dubai, UAE INDEX will be returning in from September - Connecting the world with the Middle East design community.

It was a pleasure to be invited, it is very well organized with a perfect setting, wonderful hall, and many participants so I am quite impressed and this will not be the last time I will be here.

I have been participating in AEEDC since and found that every year it's growing and more organized than the previous years, this year is the best with a lot of improvements in many areas as poster and scientific program. It attracted some 1, participants and had on its agenda issues in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the […]. Dubai — United Arab Emirates, 8 August, Dubai — United Arab Emirates, 27 May Abu Dhabi, February 24, United Arab Emirates, Ajman, 18th of April United Arab Emirates, Ajman, 19th of April The 22nd edition of DUPHAT Conference and Exhibition continued on its second day at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre with a remarkable participation of students from 50 universities, pharmaceutical colleges, and 25 schools in the […].

This year was marked […]. Joelle Mardinian - TV Presenter. She was deeply critical of the British handling of the case, insisting that Hedges is innocent. They say that the UAE is an ally, but the overwhelmingly arbitrary handling of Matt's case indicates a scarily different reality, for which Matt and I are being made to pay a devastatingly high price.

Tejada added that this has been "the worst six months" of her life. I am very scared for Matt. I don't know where they are taking him or what will happen now. Our nightmare has gotten even worse," Tejada said. The UAE attorney general, Hamad Al Shamsi, announced on October 15 that Hedges had been charged with "spying for and on behalf of a foreign state, jeopardizing the military, economy and political security of the UAE.

According to a letter posted on Tejada's Twitter account in October, the year-old had been in the UAE to conduct interviews for his Ph. It is not clear whether there is a wider diplomatic context to the Hedges case, but ties between the UK and the UAE have become strained recently.

To the private irritation of the UAE, London does not classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and its members are eligible for asylum in the UK if they can demonstrate evidence of persecution. This week, the UK circulated a draft resolution that would call a ceasefire in the besieged port city of Hodeida. Radha Stirling, chief executive of UK-based legal advice group Detained in Dubai, said she has seen a "growing concern" in the US and Australia "as to whether the Gulf nation is truly an ally or actually a threat to national interests.

British academic accused of spying by UAE released on bail. Stirling said while she expects that Hedges will launch an appeal, "we must remember that he will be facing a judicial system that is known for corruption, unfair trials, forced confessions and discrimination. The Hedges' family spokeswoman said that during his first six weeks of detention, Hedges was "interrogated without a lawyer, or consular access, and held in solitary confinement.

The spokeswoman said Hedges' health grew worse in the subsequent months. Matt was fed a cocktail of medication by the prison guards including Xanax, Valium and Ritalin," she said. On October 29, she said, Hedges was released with an ankle monitor and was told to stay in Dubai.

The oases grow date palms , acacia and eucalyptus trees. In the desert, the flora is very sparse and consists of grasses and thorn bushes.

The indigenous fauna had come close to extinction because of intensive hunting, which has led to a conservation program on Bani Yas Island initiated by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in the s, resulting in the survival of, for example, Arabian Oryx , Arabian camel and leopards.

Coastal fish and mammals consist mainly of mackerel , perch , and tuna , as well as sharks and whales. The climate of the UAE is subtropical-arid with hot summers and warm winters. In the Al Hajar Mountains , temperatures are considerably lower, a result of increased elevation. Rain in the coastal region falls in short, torrential bursts during the summer months, sometimes resulting in floods in ordinarily dry wadi beds.

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of hereditary absolute monarchies. All responsibilities not granted to the national government are reserved to the emirates. Although elected by the Supreme Council, the presidency and prime ministership are essentially hereditary; the Emir of Abu Dhabi holds the presidency, and the Emir of Dubai is prime minister.

All prime ministers but one have served concurrently as vice president. The FNC consists of 40 members drawn from all the emirates. Half are appointed by the rulers of the constituent emirates, and the other half are indirectly elected to serve two-year terms. However, the FNC is restricted to a largely consultative role. Shaikh Mohammed noted that as head of the Youth Council, Al Mazrui will "represent the hopes of our youth".

The UAE is frequently described as an " autocracy ". The UAE has extensive diplomatic and commercial relations with other countries. One of the main anchorers of the UAE's foreign policy has been building cooperation-based relations with all countries of the world.

Substantial development assistance has increased the UAE's stature among recipient states. Commercially, the UK and Germany are the UAE's largest export markets and bilateral relations have long been close as a large number of their nationals reside in the UAE. The UAE was one of only three countries to recognise the Taliban as Afghanistan's legitimate government Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were the other two countries.

In its dispute with the United States and Israel, Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the strait at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, a vital oil-trade route.

The United Arab Emirates has been actively involved in Saudi-led intervention in Yemen and has supported Yemen's internationally recognized government as well as the separatist Southern Transitional Council in Yemen against the Houthi takeover in Yemen and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The UAE has been notable for its improved enforcement of the charcoal ban by importing countries, which had created an identifiable deterrent effect on charcoal exporters in Somalia as at May , cutting funding to terror organizations such as Al-Shabaab.

In June , the UAE alongside multiple middle eastern and African countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar due to allegations of Qatar being a state sponsor of terrorism , resulting in the Qatar diplomatic crisis.

In August , the New York Times published a report claiming that the United Arab Emirates rulers had been using an Israeli spyware to secretly tap the phone calls of Qatari emir, a Saudi Arabian prince, Saad Hariri , prime minister of Lebanon and some journalists. France and the United States have played the most strategically significant roles with defence cooperation agreements and military material provision. Although initially small in number, the UAE armed forces have grown significantly over the years and are presently equipped with some of the most modern weapon systems, purchased from a variety of outside countries, mainly France, the US and the UK.

In March , the UAE agreed to join the enforcement of the no-fly-zone over Libya by sending six F and six Mirage multi-role fighter aircraft.

On Friday 4 September , 52 soldiers from the United Arab Emirates were killed in Marib area of central Yemen by a Houthi missile which targeted a weapons cache and caused a large explosion, marking the largest lost of life in the military history of United Arab Emirates Armed Forces.

On 30 April the UAE armed forces, as part of the ongoing Saudi-led intervention in Yemen , landed troops on the island of Socotra. The United Arab Emirates is divided into seven emirates. Dubai is the most populated Emirate with The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a further Abu Dhabi has an area of 67, square kilometres 26, square miles , which is The northern emirates which include Fujairah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain all have a total area of 3, square kilometres 1, square miles.

There are two areas under joint control. One is jointly controlled by Oman and Ajman, the other by Fujairah and Sharjah. It is located halfway between the Musandam peninsula and the rest of Oman in the Emirate of Sharjah. It covers approximately 75 square kilometres 29 square miles and the boundary was settled in The north-east corner of Madha is closest to the Khor Fakkan-Fujairah road, barely 10 metres 33 feet away.

It is about eight kilometres 5. It consists of about forty houses with its own clinic and telephone exchange. The UAE has a federal court system. There are three main branches within the court structure: The UAE's judicial system is derived from the civil law system and Sharia law.

The court system consists of civil courts and Sharia courts. UAE's criminal and civil courts apply elements of Sharia law, codified into its criminal code and family law. Flogging is a punishment for criminal offences such as adultery, premarital sex and alcohol consumption. Stoning is a legal punishment in the UAE.

In May , an Asian housemaid was sentenced to death by stoning in Abu Dhabi. Sharia courts have exclusive jurisdiction over family law cases and also have jurisdiction over several criminal cases including adultery, premarital sex, robbery, alcohol consumption and related crimes.

The Sharia-based personal status law regulates matters such as marriage, divorce and child custody. The Islamic personal status law is applied to Muslims and sometimes non-Muslims. Apostasy is a crime punishable by death in the UAE. In several cases, the courts of the UAE have jailed women who have reported rape. Emirati women must receive permission from a male guardian to marry and remarry.

Kissing in public is illegal and can result in deportation. Homosexuality is illegal and is a capital offence in the UAE. Amputation is a legal punishment in the UAE due to the Sharia courts. Hence, both are enforceable simultaneously. During the month of Ramadan , it is illegal to publicly eat, drink, or smoke between sunrise and sunset.

The law applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims, [] and failure to comply may result in arrest. Flogging and stoning are legal punishments in the UAE. The requirement is derived from Sharia law , and has been federal law since The UAE has escaped the Arab Spring ; however, more than Emirati activists were jailed and tortured because they sought reforms. The UAE government denies these people are being held to conceal their whereabouts , placing these people outside the protection of the law.

The Arab Organization for Human Rights has obtained testimonies from many defendants, for its report on "Forced Disappearance and Torture in the UAE", who reported that they had been kidnapped, tortured and abused in detention centres. In , 94 Emirati activists were held in secret detention centres and put on trial for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government. An Emirati, whose father is among the defendants, was arrested for tweeting about the trial.

In April , he was sentenced to 10 months in jail. Repressive measures were also used against non-Emiratis in order to justify the UAE government's claim that there is an "international plot" in which UAE citizens and foreigners were working together to destabilize the country. Foreign nationals subjected to forced disappearance include two Libyans [] and two Qataris.

In , the UAE government attempted to cover up information on the rape of a French teenage boy by three Emirati locals, one of whose HIV-positive status was hidden by Emirati authorities. In April , a video tape of torture smuggled out of the UAE showed Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan torturing a man Mohammed Shah Poor with whips, electric cattle prods, wooden planks with protruding nails and running him over repeatedly with a car.

The issue of sexual abuse among female domestic workers is another area of concern, particularly given that domestic servants are not covered by the UAE labour law of or the draft labour law of They highlighted the government's restrictive approach to freedom of speech and assembly, their use of arbitrary arrest and torture, and UAE's use of the death penalty. In , Dubai police subjected three British citizens to beatings and electric shocks after arresting them on drugs charges. On 10 September , Yemeni detainees in a UAE-run prison underwent a hunger strike to protest their detention.

Despite orders by the prosecutors to release some of the detained prisoners, the detainees are still being held. Migrant workers are excluded from the UAE's collective labour rights, hence migrants are vulnerable to forced labour.

Migrant workers in the UAE are not allowed to join trade unions. Those who protest risk prison and deportation. In , police arrested a US citizen and some UAE citizens, in connection with a YouTube parody video which allegedly portrayed Dubai and its residents in a bad light. The video was shot in areas of Satwa , Dubai, and featured gangs learning how to fight using simple weapons, including shoes, the aghal, etc. An Australian woman was accused of 'writing bad words on social media', after she had posted a picture of a vehicle parked illegally.

She was later deported from the UAE. The State Security Apparatus in the UAE has been accused of a series of atrocities and human rights abuses including enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrests and torture, [] the latest being the forced disappearance of Turkish businessman Dr Amer Al Shawa on 2 October Freedom of association is also severely curtailed. About twenty non-political groups operate on the territory without registration.

All associations have to be submitted to censorship guidelines and all publications have first to be approved by the government. Secret Dubai was an independent blog in Dubai , from until The UAE has a modest dress code. The dress code is part of Dubai's criminal law. People are also requested to wear modest clothing when entering mosques, such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Mosques which are open to tourists provide modest clothing for men and women if needed.

In , Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum decreed that journalists can no longer be prosecuted or imprisoned for reasons relating to their work. Criticism of the government is not allowed. Criticism of government officials and royal family members is not allowed. Prison terms have been given to those who "deride or damage" the reputation of the state and "display contempt" for religion. The non-oil trade has grown to 1. With the exception of Dubai, most of the UAE is dependent on oil revenues.

Petroleum and natural gas continue to play a central role in the economy, especially in Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the top tourism destination in the Middle East. Dubai welcomed 10 million tourists in The UAE has the most advanced and developed infrastructure in the region. These developments are particularly evident in the larger emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The northern emirates are rapidly following suit, providing major incentives for developers of residential and commercial property. UAE law does not allow trade unions to exist. Migrant workers who participate in a strike can have their work permits cancelled and be deported.

In fact, just over eighty percent of Emirati workers hold government posts, with many of the rest taking part in state-owned enterprises such as Emirates airlines and Dubai Properties. Dubai International Airport was the busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic in , overtaking London Heathrow. Etisalat operated a monopoly until du launched mobile services in February Emirati culture is based on Arabian culture and has been influenced by the cultures of Persia, India, and East Africa.

The United Arab Emirates has a diverse society. Three other poets from Sharjah, known as the Hirah group, are observed to have been heavily influenced by the Apollo and Romantic poets. The list of museums in the United Arab Emirates includes some of regional repute, most famously Sharjah with its Heritage District containing 17 museums, [] which in was the Cultural Capital of the Arab World. Emirati culture is a part of the culture of Eastern Arabia. Liwa is a type of music and dance performed locally, mainly in communities that contain descendants of Bantu peoples from the African Great Lakes region.

The traditional food of the Emirates has always been rice, fish and meat. Seafood has been the mainstay of the Emirati diet for centuries. Meat and rice are other staple foods, with lamb and mutton preferred to goat and beef.

Popular beverages are coffee and tea, which can be complemented with cardamom , saffron , or mint to give them a distinctive flavour. Popular cultural Emirati dishes include threed , machboos , khubisa , khameer and chabab bread among others while Lugaimat is a famous Emirati dessert. With the influence of western culture, fast food has become very popular among young people, to the extent that campaigns have been held to highlight the dangers of fast food excesses.

All nightclubs are permitted to sell alcohol. Specific supermarkets may sell alcohol, but these products are sold in separate sections. Likewise, pork, which is haram not permitted for Muslims , is sold in separate sections in all major supermarkets. Note that although alcohol may be consumed, it is illegal to be intoxicated in public or drive a motor vehicle with any trace of alcohol in the blood.

The race takes place in the evening, and was the first ever Grand Prix to start in daylight and finish at night. In the past, child camel jockeys were used, leading to widespread criticism. Eventually the UAE passed laws banning the use of children for the sport, leading to the prompt removal of almost all child jockeys. Football is a popular sport in the UAE. It was the third consecutive World Cup with two Arab nations qualifying, after Kuwait and Algeria in , and Iraq and Algeria again in The Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium in Sharjah has hosted four international test cricket matches so far.

Dubai has two cricket stadiums Dubai Cricket Ground No. Dubai is also home to the International Cricket Council. The education system through secondary level is monitored by the Ministry of Education in all emirates except Abu Dhabi, where it falls under the authority of the Abu Dhabi Education Council. It consists of primary schools, middle schools and high schools. The public schools are government-funded and the curriculum is created to match the United Arab Emirates' development goals.

The medium of instruction in the public school is Arabic with emphasis on English as a second language. There are also many private schools which are internationally accredited. Public schools in the country are free for citizens of the UAE, while the fees for private schools vary. The higher education system is monitored by the Ministry of Higher Education. The ministry also is responsible for admitting students to its undergraduate institutions. The UAE has shown a strong interest in improving education and research.

Expatriates and immigrants account for The UAE is ethnically diverse. Islam is the largest and the official state religion of the UAE. The government follows a policy of tolerance toward other religions and rarely interferes in the activities of non-Muslims. The government imposes restrictions on spreading other religions through any form of media as it is considered a form of proselytizing. There are approximately 31 churches throughout the country, one Hindu temple in the region of Bur Dubai , [] one Sikh Gurudwara in Jebel Ali and also a Buddhist temple in Al Garhoud.

Arabic is the national language of the United Arab Emirates. The Gulf dialect of Arabic is spoken natively by the Emirati people. As such, a knowledge of the language is a requirement when applying for most local jobs.

The life expectancy at birth in the UAE is at In February , the Ministry of Health unveiled a five-year health strategy for the public health sector in the northern emirates, which fall under its purview and which, unlike Abu Dhabi and Dubai, do not have separate healthcare authorities. The strategy focuses on unifying healthcare policy and improving access to healthcare services at reasonable cost, at the same time reducing dependence on overseas treatment.

The ministry plans to add three hospitals to the current 14, and 29 primary healthcare centres to the current Nine were scheduled to open in The introduction of mandatory health insurance in Abu Dhabi for expatriates and their dependants was a major driver in reform of healthcare policy. Abu Dhabi nationals were brought under the scheme from 1 June and Dubai followed for its government employees. Eventually, under federal law, every Emirati and expatriate in the country will be covered by compulsory health insurance under a unified mandatory scheme.

The UAE attracts medical tourists seeking plastic surgery and advanced procedures, cardiac and spinal surgery, and dental treatment, as health services have higher standards than other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see UAE disambiguation. Country in Western Asia. United Arab Emirates portal. History of the United Arab Emirates.

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