A guide to Friends, Trading and Gifts in Pokemon GO

A traded Pokemon's level will be rounded down to the nearest half-level (A level 29 Pokemon will not change. A level Pokemon will be traded at level 29). A level Pokemon .

Gifting with Friends Spinning a Pokestop or gym will give you a chance to receive a gift. Augmented Reality strategy RPG. Good Friend reached after 1 day of friendship Great Friend reached after 7 days of friendship Ultra Friend reached after 30 days of friendship Best Friend reached after 90 days of friendship.

You need to be physically close to someone to trade Pokemon

You can trade with trainers and NPC’s throughout the region. This Pokemon Let’s Go Pokemon Trading Guide will tell you where to find the different NPC’s and trainers we’ve discovered so far that will trade you a specific Pokemon for another specific type Pokemon, or sometimes special items.

Everyday, you can boost your friendship once by a small portion by participating in any activity with your friend. There are four levels of friendship in total, and once you max out with a person, you should have free reign of trading. Sending your fodder to friends will give your friendship a small boost. Trades do cost valuable Stardust, and several factors go into determining the cost of the trade. At the most basic, like a Pidgey for a Rattata, a trade will set players back Stardust.

As various factors are met, the price increases drastically. A lot for me, lunch money for some gamers out there.

If you are lucky or simply have committed friends, you might even have a gift waiting for you! Gifts and trades are the easiest way to boost a friendship level, but there are a few others. Completing raids with other players will give you your daily boost and battling in gyms will also grant you some points. Now, will I be able to trade my Mewtwo?

It will be an estimated three months before any players max out their friendship levels. Also note, you will never be able to trade Mew or Mewtwo after all. If you lucky enough to have worldly traveled friends in your area, this will be the easiest way to get a Mr. If you are Best Friends, these will only cost Stardust to trade. That just about wraps it up. Like most of its updates, Niantic has left the specifics obtuse, leaving it up to the most hardcore of players to uncover the nitty-gritty details.

Ron has been living it up in Japan for the last decade, and he has no intention of leaving this technical wonderland any time soon. A player can hold 10 sendable gifts at once. You can't open gifts that you obtain from Pokestops yourself. A player can open 20 gifts from friends daily. Items are gifted in "bundles", and you can receive up to 4 bundles in a gift. The list of possible item bundles are as follows:.

Gifts may also contain a 7km egg. More information about gifts and eggs can be found in our egg hatching guide. A list of included Alolan Pokemon are below:. When two Pokemon are traded, they have a chance to become Lucky. If a lucky trade occurs, both players receive a Lucky Pokemon. Discord Twitter Remove Ads. Friendship, Trading, and Gifting Guide.

Legacy Pokemon Move List. Introduction On June 19th Niantic announced a slew of new features. Friendship Trainers are able to add friends through the trainer profile page. The levels and bonuses associated are as follows: Gifting with Friends Spinning a Pokestop or gym will give you a chance to receive a gift. The list of possible item bundles are as follows: A list of included Alolan Pokemon are below: Trading with Friends Several mechanics to keep in mind when organizing a trade.

A Pokemon can only be traded once. No retrades or trade backs! Players must be within feet of each other. Mythical Pokemon can never be traded.

Legendary Pokemon, shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon and forms unknown in your dex must use a Special Trade limit 1 daily.