Amazfit Bip review: can a £70 smartwatch keep you on track?

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The Amazfit Bip is one of the best budget smartwatches you can get, crammed with plenty of features - sleep tracking, GPS and heart rate - for a low price. You also get a whopping 30 to 45 days of.

Choose what's more important to you then head to the heart rate detection section of your Bip in the Mi Fit app to change it. You can also change it up multiple times during the day if you choose, like before you sleep. Speaking of sleep, you should definitely take advantage of the Bip's 30 days of battery life and track it. There are few other wearables that can offer this much battery life, and battery life is the number one feature needed for long-term sleep tracking.

The best sleep trackers. Even with something like a Fitbit Versa , you have to charge it up after little less than a week to keep going. With the Bip, you don't have to worry about it for a month. That'll keep you tracking longer, and less likely to break your pattern because you forgot to charge it or were too lazy to.

However, you shouldn't take your metrics too seriously. We found that the accuracy of the Bip's sleep tracking isn't the best when compared to the current king of wearable sleep tracking - Fitbit. Don't be disheartened - the Bip offers some pretty fun sleep tracking features that can be useful. For instance, it keeps track of your sleep regularity. Seeing as sleep regularity is a major part of getting good sleep, that's a good thing to know.

It can also tell you that you slept too late and can offer earlier bedtimes. The Bip has a single button, a crown, that you can click to go home. But you can also long-press it to activate a specific workout. Scroll all the way over to the right for the Settings app on your Bip. Then click "Long button press" and choose which activity you want to program your long button press to. There's outdoor running, treadmill running, cycling, walking and nothing.

Yes, that means you can turn it off completely if you keep accidentally enabling it. There are a good number of watch faces you can switch to on the Bip itself, just scroll all the way to the right to get to the watch's settings. However, there are even more in the Mi Fit app. These faces are a little more graphically intensive, and include pixel artwork of the Sydney Opera House and such. Know your rights - money. Money Helpline for guidance on everything from tax to travel insurance.

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Get involved in our latest campaigns and find out how to take action. All three of these devices have your back if you want to track everyday activity, but do any go beyond that? And what smart features do they all have? Best Buy smartwatches — find out which models aced our tests. Design-wise, the Bip is pretty similar to the Fitbit Versa, and bears a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch.

It has plenty of sensors for keeping track of fitness and activity, including built-in GPS for tracking distance without your smartphone, a heart-rate monitor, a three-axis accelerometer, and a barometer for measuring altitude. It will even estimate your oxygen intake VO2 max , like the Garmin Music running watch. One of the most impressive features on this bargain smartwatch is the battery-life claim — a whopping 45 days. This is longer than most smartwatches, and around 11 times as long as the Versa.

We took this bargain smartwatch for a spin, so is it truly smart and would it suit keen runners? Find out in our Amazfit Bip first look review. The Versa is the second smartwatch from Fitbit, following on from the Ionic, which launched in It tracks steps and gives reminders to move. As with the Amazfit Bip, those looking for smart sensors may find this device a little lacking. We reveal all in our full Fitbit Versa first look review. You can get an estimate of your oxygen consumption VO2 Max , and there are preloaded activities for tracking exercise in the gym and outside.

Swiping up shows you various notifications that have come through your phone, like text messages or alerts for Twitter.

Nothing happens when you slide from the right side, but moving left reveals one of seven tiles, which can be rearranged in the Mi Fit companion app. Some of the built-in watch faces like the one prominently pictured in this review reveal this info without any interaction whatsoever, so your use may vary for this view. Intro, price and release date, design. For Amazing value Stylish design Excellent companion app. Image 1 of 5.