Corruption 'Worse' in Laos Last Year, Sources in Country Say

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How does your country fare? For the majority of people living in rural Nepal, getting access to good medical facilities is difficult. And it is also not easy to lodge complaints about poor health services at government hospitals.

Here is how we have helped. This story is part of Real Lives, Real Stories, a series written by staff from our national chapters in the Asia Pacific region. Netflix's new series based on the Lava Jato case, The Mechanism, was just released on their platform so we put together a list of the best 5 Netflix series that showcase the different faces of corruption.

Everyone knows House of Cards as the Netflix show about corruption, but over the last few years, the popular streaming service has…. The EU is expected to release a report today urging member states to tighten controls over their GoldenVisa programs, warning t…. Expiry -- 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 -- Thank You for Donating to Transparency International! Global Corruption Barometer Explore the results of the largest ever public opinion survey on corruption. Anti-corruption glossary See our simple, animated definitions of types of corruption and the ways to challenge it.

Deferred prosecution agreements, plea bargaining, immunity programmes and corruption. Laos is so corrupt. Police takes bribe and force people of US especially the Hmong people to give them money. Going to the Vientiane airport, my luggage was re-inspect again for no particle reasons. They want you to pay them money. It's all about how much money they can extort out of you. They are worst than a bunch of gangsters.

They will charge you for the dumbest thing hopping you will give them money. I will inform all people I know not to visit Laos.

No wonder why too many teachers throughout the country who give the children education receive no salary. They work years without pay. That's ashame on the Lao government. Lao government should be shameful to the world. This is why one party control is terrible. Government does not care as long as they benefits.

How does that saying go? The fox guarding the hen house. Corruption exists at the very top. No one is held accountable. Everyone does it including the Laos president. Oh, I mean Prime Minister. It's not like other countries where individual get into politics to serve the people. In Laos, people get into politics in order to get a government position to collect bribes or come up with public project or service schemes to extract as much money as possible from the government treasury.

Only people in government positions drive nice cars and live in nice homes. Ordinary wealthy laotians can't drive nice cars or live in nice homes. Shake down or jail time. In one party system, only those at the top can fluent it! Travelers, tourists and vacationers be very careful displaying any sign of wealth.