Quarter Pounder Beet Burger Recipe

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Phulka Rotli (Chapati/Roti) | Indian Whole Wheat Flatbread Recipe

Knead it with your knuckles adding a little water — knead it for minutes and now your dough should be no longer sticky. Coat with 1 tsp oil and cover it with lid or kitchen napkin.

Leave it aside for at least minutes; this relaxes the gluten and makes the dough easier to roll out. Using food processor or stand mixer with dough hook: Personally, I prefer by hands only. If you want to use processor or mixer then read it. Mix the flour, salt and oil. Add water little by little. Mix on low-speed until combined into rough dough. Take out and knead it by hands. Coat it with oil and leave it to rest. Wow, your dough is ready now.

Have a ready some extra flour in wide plate for dusting. You can refrigerate any leftover dough up to days. Use the refrigerated leftover dough in 24 hours maximum. Bring it back to room temperature before an hour you make roti. Preheat cast iron or non-stick flat skillet. Keep on lowest flame.

Have melted ghee ready in a small bowl. Tear off pieces the size of small limes smaller or larger, as you like. Shape into a round then coat the ball into flour. Try to use little flour while rolling or else your roti may turn hard. And, roll on one side only. In meantime, your skillet is hot enough.

Lay the roti in it. Increase the flame on medium-high. After few seconds, you are seeing your roti has changed the colour and tiny bubbles are appeared, flip it other side. Cook it on high heat for few seconds more and then turn the roti on direct flames be careful here using tongs. The roti should be puffed up fully, just like a balloon.

Remove roti with a pair of tongs and place it on the clean kitchen napkin or container with layering a kitchen paper towel and immediately apply some ghee on one side if you wish. Or you can apply ghee later after prepared all rotis.

This is a great post, and your rotis look perfect! I tried to make these with my mom several times. Hers are always perfectly round like yours, and mine look like amoebas and never puff up!

Amazing pictures, lovely props.. I simply got stuck with the picture where the Phulka is cooking over the flame.. I am actually impressed with the clean blue flame too: Glad to be your new follower, looking forward to see more of these interesting posts from you..

Well explained and awesome clicks. I have been thinking for a long time now to share a similar post but I keep pushing it! Thanks for the troubleshooting tips. I am learning about making roti. I am particularly interested in learning to make roti with jawan flour.

Well, there could be number of factors your rotis come out hard — quality of flour, structure of your dough too hard , or any puncture while rolling the rotis. Notes If you're not serving them soon, transfer the cooked patties on cooling rack and let them cool down completely. Store in air-tight container and freeze well.

We noticed that you have a lots of delicious recipes on your blog and would like to suggest you have a look at our Top Food Blogs section here: Follow the instructions on our site to add your own food blog to the list. You can also find us on Facebook by following the link below: Hopefully your food blog will be up there in the top! Warm regards, Senka RecipesUS. We tried these for the first time last night.

We are going to add these to our regular food rotation. We put napa cabbage on ours, along with chipotle gouda, and an avacado spread that we made avacado, fat free sour cream, lime juice, and cillantro.

It was the best beet burger that I have had, and the only one that I will make going forward. Hi Erica, YOU have made my day! And, thank you for reporting back here. These patties are amazing and always have a batch in my freezer section, pretty cheaper and healthier than store-bought. Your Avocado spread sound yum. Should try next time: Kindly permit me recognise so that I may subscribe. Weekly Meal Plan — Making everyday cooking easy Hi Pallavi, the thyme has a distinctive flavour and aroma that adds a nice hint of it.

You can sub with any other your choice of herbs like rosemary, parsley, oregano or anything. Could I sub brown rice out for quinoa? Also I have lentils in my pantry. I cook and cool them as directed? Hi Courtney, Sorry for late reply. I think quinoa should work but never tried myself. Please let me know how did go for you. Top 10 Delicious and Healthy Beet Recipes. Vegan biet burgers - thelittleworktop. Just made these and they turned out amazing, I used Panko bread crumbs and cut them out with an upside down drinking glass.

Thank you for the great recipe, this one will be in my regular menu rotation for my family. How to cook perfect quinoa and a review. Quarter Pounder Beet Burger. This burger patty has very crunchy and nutty flavour.

Lightly tweaked from PPK. If you're not serving them soon, transfer the cooked patties on cooling rack and let them cool down completely. Hey — first time in your space. I am am always looking for creative veggie burger options. Thanks for your words. I love beets and have never used them in a veggie burger. Hi there, you can subscribe via e-mail or rss. Please find the icons on right side bar.