1973 Rome airport attacks and hijacking

The plane next headed for Beirut , where Lebanese authorities refused to allow landing, and blocked the runway with vehicles. Archived from the original on 30 September Hands have been re-lumed a long time ago, dial appears original.

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Following the German example, other countries selected feldgraue in light grey or grey-green shades as the basic colour for service uniforms.

Examples were Portugal , Italy ,and Sweden In the Austro-Hungarian Army adopted the pike-grey Hechtgrau as the colour of the field service uniform of its infantry, artillery, engineers and transport units. Previously it had been reserved for Jaeger and Landwehr regiments. Following the outbreak of World War I the light blue-grey shade of Hechtgrau proved unsuited for campaigning in Europe and from onwards the grey-green feldgrau was substituted.

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The terrorists also threatened to crash the jet in the middle of Athens if their demands were not met. In reality, only one Italian hostage, Domenico Ippoliti, had been killed and one wounded. The plane took off again from Athens after sixteen hours on the ground and after the gunmen had released the wounded hostage and dumped the body of the dead hostage onto the tarmac. The plane next headed for Beirut , where Lebanese authorities refused to allow landing, and blocked the runway with vehicles.

Cyprus also refused to allow landing. The guerrillas on board finally ordered the plane to be landed in Damascus , Syria, allegedly because the plane was running low on fuel. The Syrians provided food and refueled the plane. They also treated a head injury suffered by one of the hijackers.

The plane took off again after about two to three hours. The commandeered jet next headed for Kuwait , where Kuwaiti authorities refused to allow it to land. Captain Kroese was ordered by the terrorists to land anyway on a secondary runway. The terrorists were permitted to retain their weapons and made a V-for-victory sign with their hands upon leaving the plane. It was reported that Kuwaiti authorities later took the hijackers to an air base for interrogation purposes.

Kuwait announced that it had no intention of putting the hijackers on trial, and initially considered releasing the hijackers to the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO. In March , President Anwar Sadat of Egypt agreed to allow them to come to Cairo under the responsibility of the PLO, which said the men would be tried for carrying out an "unauthorized operation".

The five terrorists were later released under negotiations during another hijacking that took place on 21 November , but were then returned to the custody of the PLO. It is unclear what happened to them after their return to the PLO. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.