Great Depression

After reading all of the positive reviews of this book I was looking forward to reading it. However, these efforts were only partly successful in changing the behavior of housewives. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Lee, Chairman of Economics Dept.

The Great Depression

The men had a brokerage company and lost everything- - theirs as well as for their clients. But they all stuck " - Jonathan's Cross" can actually be considered a horror story--the horror of losing everything you owned in one afternoon some lost their lives also. But they all stuck together, found very low paying manual labor jobs. This is an easy story to get lost in and marvel at their tenacity to keep their families with shelter and food.

After several months of this misery they decide to go back to their childhood homes and end up living with their respective parents. They return to their lives before they became rich city dwellers. There are happy times, desperate times, devastating times, but LOVE rules. Times weren't great, but families and the love and lives they shared keep them going. And, as always, there has to be a villain. The grudge he held was always just around the corner. He lived to cause misery This book has a sequel and I cannot wait to read it.

I highly recommend this fiction based on history book. I give it 5 stars. Nov 18, Kyle rated it really liked it. The book is a bit of a survival story as the couples go from the height of luxury to the depth of poverty. Along the way they make some great friends and enemies, and they desperately cling to their core friendships and loving spouses as they attempt to rebuild their lives The book contains numerous sexual references, but zero graphic scenes.

At times, it seeme is the first of six books in the series, and it follows the lives of three couples who lose everything on Black Tuesday, At times, it seemed a bit unbelievable as to the frequency of the amorous encounters.

I also felt the timing of the book was a bit too fast-paced where someone would experience a setback, and then he or she would be fighting against the world quickly thereafter. The fast pace somewhat diminished the impact and genuine struggle people have with things like depression, and even the physical demands of doing manual labor. Despite my criticism of the pace, I really enjoyed the characters and their dynamics.

Each of the couples brought strengths to bear and it was great to see the love and compassion people showed for their family and friends during this incredibly hard time in our history. You've got to be kidding me!?

That was the last thought I had when finishing this very long book. While I disagree with the reviewers that said it was poorly written, I completely agree that it lacked substance. A very long drawn out story that could easily be compiled into half the volume it is.

Then I see that this is only book 1? The characters were so indistinguishable that even at the end of the story I was still mixing them up.

Lots of potential was wasted here. Jun 23, Candace rated it it was ok. It was just ok. The characters just weren't that likable, or even relatable. Dec 28, Jinx: The author does a good job of painting the scenery, historical inaccuracies and all. While much of drama leans towards melodrama and has a very distinctively "soapy" feel, it still catches the reader early on.

One of the great problems with any kind of historical fiction is that this specific type of novel usually draws in history lovers, like myself, who expect a certain amount of realism and accuracy. But keeping in mind this book is only inspired by the era, and trying to read it as if it were a mere fiction novel was more satisfying. Knowing previously the issues many reviewers had with it, I went in reading it as a kind of imaginative fiction novel and kept my expectations low concerning factual events, dates, accuracies etc.

Anyways, it was still worth a chance. Vivid, expertly crafted characters make this novel more than memorable— is unforgettable And there were quite a few blatant spelling errors in my version as well.

Hopefully, those will all get sorted out in the newer revisions. This was a long endeavor; it was a big chunky book and therefore a large commitment. That combo, however, was a wee bit frustrating. I will probably read on, if the chance arises. I really felt like the book cover, nice as it is, did not really fit with the story. So a bit misleading overall Sep 23, Rachel Mathis rated it really liked it.

I can't wait to continue this series. Mar 21, Natalie rated it did not like it Shelves: I didn't finish this one. I gave it pages and I was still bored. Nothing happens and I don't care enough about the characters to continue.

I felt the writing was amateur and the author's research was lacking. Good thing my copy was free. There is something quite eloquent about the way M. Gardner brought us into this world of 3 couple who lose everything in one tiny move in the stock market. Sure, they were down on their luck but they were determined not to be out. Jonathan went and secured apartments, jobs were found, and they began to quickly move a few of their belongings into the new place before it was all taken away.

Here you have three couple who were very well off with chefs, maids and caretakers. None of them had to worry about money. But when the stock market crash of hit, it took the three couples with it. Now the three are forced to live in apartments a third the size of their previous homes.

The walls are paper thin, some of the neighbors are crazy, but at least they all were able to move into the same building. While the men are at work, doing hard labor; much different that being a stock marketer, the girls stay home and mend clothes, have tea, meet the neighbors, walk to market and bake bread. Being of an Irish background myself, I was greatly intrigued by the story line and characters of this story.

Gardner did an exceptional job of having just enough historical facts within the novel to make it seem real. She even managed to write in the Irish accents. She also gets bonus points for the mention of soda bread. The tale of the story takes us through the live changing events that happen with each separate couple. We are shown how their lives interact with each other and the outsiders that start to come in their social circle.

The girls make friends with ladies in the building that a few weeks ago they would not have even given a second glance to. The girls look to cook, clean, do laundry and keep house without the aid of a maid and butler.

Some adapt better than others. Each girl with their own set of problems, each man with his. The men work together all day down at the docks, plotting, planning and saving for their next move. This book turned out to be such a disappointment to me. I liked the premise and at first I was really into it. It starts out just after the crash of the stock market in and follows a group of three friends married couples through its aftermath and the Great Depression. It had some really annoying formatting and editing issues-- paragraphs that went on for pages not even breaking for dialogue , jarring switches of point This book turned out to be such a disappointment to me.

It had some really annoying formatting and editing issues-- paragraphs that went on for pages not even breaking for dialogue , jarring switches of points of view, and characters that appeared out of nowhere to suddenly say something, or confusing parts where it was hard to follow who was speaking. But I forgave these issues because overall the writing was good and I was interested in the story.

I am mostly willing to suspend disbelief so even if a story goes off the beaten path I try to stay with it. And other reviews have mentioned historical issues Then it started to get pretty repetitive and redundant.

The author could have cut out half the book and gotten the same point and story across. Some things started not making a lot of sense to me, or annoying me. But I kept going and was still overall interested in the book and wanted to find out what happened.

At the half-way mark the book took a horrible nosedive into boring and stupid territory. I no longer cared very much about what happened to the characters and I started skimming the completely over repetitive parts. At times the author focused on the most mundane details of life and then suddenly there would be some big dramatic plot arch that was too easily resolved. It was just bad. I had been looking forward to reading the other books in this series but after trudging my way through the second half of this book, I think I'll pass.

I would recommend that this author pay a proofreader and an editor to make this book more enjoyable for the reader both in terms of story and formatting. There are some good ideas and the basic writing can be very good at times but overall the book just ends up being a mess.

I'm giving it two stars because at first I really liked it and I hate leaving a one-star review unless I absolutely hated the book. But it was bad enough by the end that I did consider a one-star review. Aug 31, Jennifer rated it it was amazing.

An absolutely fabulous read! I loved every minute of it. Jon, Aryl and Caleb have been inseparable friends since childhood. They and their wives are living the high life with fancy houses, fancy cars and fancy clothes. They are left with only the case they have stashe An absolutely fabulous read! They are left with only the case they have stashed at home. In a matter of a couple of days they have moved into tenement apartments, owned by their biggest enemy. The wives, Ava, Claire, and Arianna, know nothing about taking care of a home or cooking or doing laundry and must learn the hard way.

Meanwhile, the husbands are forced to take jobs working on the loading docks. The humiliation of it almost destroys one of them. As they desperately try to find a way to get back on their feet, it seems that fate just keeps throwing them punches. This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. Gardner has created characters with complexity and depth.

I was especially impressed with her dialogue; every discussion or fight amongst the characters was so true to life that I really felt like a fly on the wall in the homes of these people. The twists and turns kept me fully engaged in the story and were so realistic that it seemed like it could be happening to me. The author has captured the struggles of the period with an expertise that makes an historical reference point into the experience of real people.

After reading this book I feel as if I have made a whole bunch of new friends and look forward to seeing where their journey takes them in the additional books in the series. May 17, Teena Stewart rated it liked it. When the stock market crashes in it crushes the wealthy lifestyles of three young couples whose lives are intertwined.

This riches to rags story captured my interest and I hung in there for the entire book because it started off well. Jonathan Garrett the husband of one of the couples feels responsibility for their circumstances as it was his brokerage firm that they had all invested in. With scarcely more than the clothes on their backs they leave everything behind and secure apartments in When the stock market crashes in it crushes the wealthy lifestyles of three young couples whose lives are intertwined.

With scarcely more than the clothes on their backs they leave everything behind and secure apartments in shabby tenements of a ruthless landlord who already has ties to the Garretts. He's a villain right out of a melodrama. The story held my interest for maybe the first third of the book despite the ridiculous premise that three couples would stay together and work together rather than go their separate ways. And though Gardener introduces conflict through adversity, Victor the landlord, and Elise, a French prostitute from Jonathan's past, it just isn't enough.

The story drags on an on as we hop from one character's head to another too many points of view and we must trudge through mundane chapters with scarcely any plot advancement. There's also a lot of telling rather than showing what happens which does nothing to make this more interesting. I kept reading, not because it was captivating, but I really did want to know how they got out of their situation. I don' t want to ruin the end for you, but if you want a page turner, this is not going to be it and I am definitely not going to read any further in this series.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars. The stock market crash of changed lives dramatically for people around the world. For three young couples living the good life in New York City it was the end of life as they had known it. The three men had grown up together and built their fortunes led by Jonathon, the financial genius of the trio. When they lose everything and are forced to move with their pampered wives to the worst of the city's tenements, it will challenge everything in them. Jonathon and his wife, Ava, seem to be livin The stock market crash of changed lives dramatically for people around the world.

Jonathon and his wife, Ava, seem to be living under a particularly black cloud. One bad circumstance after another falls on them and they reach an especially low point. Aryl and Claire fare a bit better due to Aryl's determination to put the best face on everything and search for a way out. Caleb faces a constant challenge with his wife, Arianna, who he rescued from poverty once before their marriage, and who is now totally unprepared to deal with conditions that are much worse than those she came from.

Only the determination and "stick together" attitude of these three couples make it possible for them to face the challenges they are presented each day. Just as conditions in the city reach a new low, they are presented with an opportunity that may be the salvation for them all.

Are they ready to gamble with the little they have? Can they put their pride aside to accept the help they must have?

Will they survive, in body and spirit, the major changes required? This was really a good book Sep 19, Janet rated it liked it.

I read this on my Kindle and that sometimes causes formatting issues, but my only real complaint I have is when the writer changes scenes or a group having a conversation, there's nothing that indicates that has happened. It looks like one scene in one paragraph and it ends up jumping locations on you. Basically, it needs better editing. Historical fiction at its best! This was the story of 3 friends: Jonathan, Caleb, and Aryl and their respective wives: Ava, Arianna, and Claire and how they stick together to ride out the trials and tribulations of the stock market crash, great depression, and life in general.

The story starts off on Black Thursday - the day that stock market crashed, when Jonathan Garrett lost everything. A one time successful stock-broker, he went from being one of the wealthiest men in NYC to one of the poore Historical fiction at its best! A one time successful stock-broker, he went from being one of the wealthiest men in NYC to one of the poorest in a matter of hours. Not only did he lose everything, but so did his 2 best friends Aryl and Caleb.

The three of them quickly compose a temporary plan for housing and work and struggle to make ends meet. This story is ultimately a story of friendship and how the 3 friends are there for each other in every storm and loss they face in life, whether it be materialistic, emotional, or physical strife. They face poverty, hunger, marital problems, physical attacks, death, sickness, births, and even a suicide attempt together. You will laugh when they laugh and there was some hilarious parts , cry when they cry, and grieve when they grieve.

This story is great and wow are there some twists and turns that I did not see coming! I am already looking forward to the next book Apr 07, Bill Thibadeau rated it it was amazing. At this writing, there are reviews on Amazon. I don't know how much more I could add but I will give it a brief attempt. My comment about so many reviews is that I cannot fathom how 11 reviewers could only give this fine book of historical fiction only 1 star. I am delighted to come across this book. I never experienced a period like the depression.

I did experience the crash of when I retired and my investments circled the toilet. It may have been depression lite but nothing like what t At this writing, there are reviews on Amazon.

It may have been depression lite but nothing like what the characters in this book experienced. Compared to this book, I had it extremely easy. I am so glad that this is a six book series - I intend to read them all in order. The characters in this book are all very different from each other yet they find themselves to be best friends living a life of luxury due to their success in the world of investing. They had no idea of what would bring since history had never been so cruel to investors.

When the crash came, these three families found themselves to be immediately without everything except the bare necessities - their world was turned upside down. This book will be an eye opener to most as the reader experiences what was so common in The real genius of this story is how well the characters are crafted and developed.

You will feel like you are a fly on the wall as you read the story. Feb 06, Sara rated it it was ok. This could have been such a great novel, but it fell vastly short of the rich subject matter it's supposed to mine from. Among it's many flaws is its point of view problem. It opens with an elderly Jonathan dictating his memoirs to Maura, his steadfast caregiver of many decades; however, as the book drones on, the point of view is constantly shifting between three men and three women, which would be impossible for Jonathan to know.

In addition, the characters themselves are, as others have alrea This could have been such a great novel, but it fell vastly short of the rich subject matter it's supposed to mine from. In addition, the characters themselves are, as others have already noted, flat and shallow, predictable beyond belief, and I would add incredibly immature. It's difficult to like them, much less root for their success.

Throughout, the book is replete with clumsy mechanics, i. It lacks the imagery of a well-drawn scene on every page. In the skilled hands of an accomplished author, I can truly "see" the setting and the characters, but this was the first book I've read in a long while that lacks a strong sense of place and the imagery to bring it to life. While I understand the ploy to end the story in a "to be continued" fashion, this particular ending is nothing but tacky and felt simply like a cop out, the whim of a writer who'd run out of ideas and steam.

The beginning of the truly 'hard times' our nation faced The author does a fine job of putting us 'in it's midst' by introducing us to characters who had just lost it ALL. Fortunately, we are dealing with a group of three couples who are devoted to one another til the end, thus creating the support they all so very much need. These characters, each one, are created in depth showing each their own personalities and roles - which carry out appropr New York city.

These characters, each one, are created in depth showing each their own personalities and roles - which carry out appropriately throughout the story. It didn't take me long to create my own feelings and opinions about each one of them, finding myself cheering them on and caring about their plight. Though this book is written within an interesting time frame, it is a book completely about the people. Like a good soap opera, you'll find plenty of human tragedy, love, betrayal, revenge, survival, social trysts, etc.

I loved living in the 30's - with the 'new' transportation of cars, the new telephone system community chatting , prohibition, radio There are several companion books that come after this one and I do intend to tackle every one. The writing was intelligent, the world immersable and I love the theme of friends sticking together and helping each other in times of need. A Heartwarming Saga Jonathan's Cross is definitely not a book to start late in the day if you have a week of extra early mornings, because try as you may, you will not be able to put it down!

However, it is well worth the sacrifice. Gardner does an excellent job of quickly grabbing the reader's attention and heartstrings and never lets go. The characters in Jonathan's Cross are superbly crafted and bring the time of the Great Depression to life in a new and fresh way. With the stock market A Heartwarming Saga Jonathan's Cross is definitely not a book to start late in the day if you have a week of extra early mornings, because try as you may, you will not be able to put it down!

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