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Is the ASX top 50 list published anywhere? Updates? The ASX All Australian 50, the top All Australian 50 companies on the Australian stock by market capitalisation are all included and represented on the All Australian ASX 50 Index.

The stock must be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as an ordinary or preferred stock. This site is operated by Wise-owl Holdings Pty Ltd, an authorised representative of wise-owl. Online share trading broker This can be an attractive option for investors confident in their investment knowledge and trading decisions.

Mitsubishi ASX TOP 1.6 DI-D 2WD inkl. Panoramadach EU6!

The index incorporates all of the companies in the top , the S&P/ASX index, and an additional smaller companies, making a total of about components in the index. The index components for the S&P/ASX are reviewed semi-annually by Standard & Poor's.

BHP also had a strong day, closing 1. Sigma Healthcare suffered the biggest one-day loss with a drop of 6. As we had towards the close the market is swelling up again with the ASX currently 18 points higher at Trading volumes are average and on track to reach about million today. The stock is currently trading at 1 cent, but were trading as high as 5 cents back in September.

In early October Bionomics announced the second phase trial of its medication designed to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder did not succeed. It will now be trialled on treating agitation in elderly patients.

Shares in Adelaide Brighton have had a rocky ride lately after downgrading its guidance on Friday. They expect the stock to have a yield of 7 per cent with special dividends.

The reason for the upgrade is that Adelaide Brighton has a strong culture and "concise strategy" that will protect the company. James Hardie, Boral and Reece Plumbing, despite having significant offshore ventures, are down 26 per cent, 21 per cent and 17 per cent respectively. He has been remanded to appear before the court on 31 January, The case has been running for a long time.

Here is some background information from reporter Sarah Danckert in Fairfax Media revealed Mr Gregg was subject to an investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission regarding the allegedly corrupt payment to a consultant in Dubai.

The Unaoil expose showed the Dubai consultant to be corrupt and Unaoil part of a global bribery factory. Asian markets are open and are similarly flat today. The Nikkei is down 0. As Stephen Bartholomeusz wrote earlier today, the prospect of a hard exit from the European Union is worrying traders.

The output frequency is quartz-crystal stabilized. Output voltages up to VAC are provided. With the ability to provide singe and three-phase outputs, the ASX Series is the perfect choice to provide 1 Phase to 3 Phase or 3 Phase to 1 Phase conversion. Six controller models are available with the ASX-Series. They include 1 Phase and 3 Phase models for both manual and programmable control. All controllers provide manual operation from the front panel. Programmable Controllers may be programmed from the front panel or from a remote interface.

RS Interface is standard. IEEE interface is optional. With external sense enabled. Improves to less than 0. All models are designed for operation in 19 inch equipment racks. Models 4 kVA and higher have side handles for ease of handling. Standard 19 inch rack. Slide rails are available as an option for all models. Approximately 24 inch, from the front panel to the rear of the chassis.

Front or side forced air intake with rear exhaust. Automatic Fan Speed Control for low acoustic noise and extended fan life. ASX Series Power Sources can be equipped with output transformers to provide an alternate output voltage range.

Selection of direct or transformer coupled range is performed by the controller via front panel or bus command. The standard frequency range for transformer coupled outputs is 45 to 1, Hz. Standard output ratios are 1. Transformer outputs are supplied internally or externally via a Magnetics Module as listed in the above table. Consult the factory for additional information regarding special output ranges not listed above.

The table below lists each model according to key features. The RS serial port operates up to Programmable range is from 0 to Ipeak, max of the power source. Line to neutral and line to line voltages are displayed. Output Ammeter is true RMS reading and each phase is measured independently. RMS and peak currents along with Crest factor are displayed. Questions Find a Local Representative. Customer Support Service Centers. Available models range from 1. Cost effective and fully programmable for both basic frequency conversion and advanced AC power line disturbance test applications.

Single Phase Model 4. Three Phase Model 6. Three phase units are operable as single phase with dual voltage range capability or as three phase. Output voltage ranges listed are for standard units.

VMAX is output voltage with nominal input and full rated load applied. Other voltage ranges are available with the output magnetics options. Peak Repetitive Pulse Current. Key Features Provide Application Versatility. Total control of the output power form and the selection of either the direct output or the optional transformer output is available from the front panel or the bus.