CAN SLIM Finviz Scan

Your chartlist instead contains the whole family.

Ever heard of Finviz*Elite?

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Please click here to request a new code. Electronic Equipment USA Basic Materials Gold Canada Asset Management USA 2. Select the criteria by which the output information will be sorted. The order settings apply to all views. Use the ascending and descending option to invert the current order. In table views you can click on top of a column to sort the table by the underlying values.

You can screen the stocks by signal - an event, by which traders usually enter or exit positions. The screening process will run only on the specified stocks.

No input ticker s equals all stocks. The open in screener option in the Search , will copy the listed tickers to the screener's ticker box automatically. To optimize the screening by various stock-related criteria, you can use one or more Filters. Stock Exchange at which a stock is listed. A major index membership of a stock.

The sector which a stock belongs to. The industry which a stock belongs to. The country where company of selected stock is based. Equals The total dollar market value of all of a company's outstanding shares. This measurement tells what percentage return a company pays out to shareholders in the form of dividends.

The amount of short-selling transactions of given stock.