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The Tata Management Training Centre, set in a lush campus in Pune in western India, helps group professionals add to their knowledge bank.

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The Chief Minister of Kerala V. Achuthanandan , who vowed to evict all on government land in Munnar, formed a special squad for the Munnar land takeover mission and started acquiring back properties. However, the mission was aborted due to both influential land-holders and opposition from Achuthanandan's own party.

On 2 January , Kalinganagar , Odisha villagers protested the construction of a compound wall on land historically owned by them, for a Tata steel plant. Police opened fire at a crowd after a policeman was gruesomely killed by the mob. Tata Motors reported that these contracts to supply hardware and automobiles to Burma's military were subsequently criticism by human rights activists.

The Singur controversy [25] in West Bengal was a series of protests by locals and political parties over the forced acquisition, eviction, and inadequate compensation to those farmers displaced for the Tata Nano plant, during which Mamata Banerjee's party was widely criticised as acting for political gain.

Despite the support of the Communist Party of India Marxist state government , Tata eventually pulled the project out of West Bengal, citing safety concerns. On Aug 31, , in a historic judgement, the Honorable Supreme Court of India set aside the land acquisition by the West Bengal Government in that had facilitated Tata Motors' Nano plant, stating that the West Bengal government had not taken possession of the land legally, and were now required to repossess and return it to local farmers within 12 weeks without compensation.

The Port of Dhamara has received significant coverage, sparking controversy in India, and in Tata's emerging global markets. In , Tata Group joined forces with a Tanzanian company to build a soda ash extraction plant in Tanzania. Lake Natron is where two-thirds of Lesser Flamingos reproduce. This process could interrupt the chemical makeup of the lake. In April , a U.

Filed 31 October ; the suit charged that "6, unauthorized downloads could be used to enhance Tata's competing product, Med Mantra. In July , the National Company Law Tribunal NCLT , which "adjudicates issues relating to Indian companies," [39] issued a verdict in the company's favor on charges of mismanagement leveled in by ousted chairman, Cyrus Mistry.

On 16 June , an electrical short-circuit sparked a fire at Tata Group corporate headquarters in Mumbai. Owing to quick containment, no casualties were reported. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the parent company, see Tata Sons. List of entities associated with Tata Group. Bombay House , the head office of Tata Group. Packages of Tata Tea.

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