Trends and strategies for diversity breakthroughs

Increasingly, German DAX-companies and public institutions are establishing positions for Diversity Managers and the representative bodies of employers and employees agree on diversity policies (Betriebsvereinbarung) for their organisations or sector. The most recent example in Germany is the social-partnership agreement on diversity management in the chemical industry between the.

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Es liegt an uns, Kompetenzen zu erwerben, die uns befähigen mit diesen komplexen Gegebenheiten zurecht zu kommen. Potenziale kultureller Vielfalt in der Gesellschaft und im Arbeitsalltag zu entdecken und sie systematisch zu nutzen. Noch ist dies eine weitgehend ungenutzte Ressource. In the past years it has become common practice for large corporations to formulate their own diversity policy. Increasingly, German DAX-companies and public institutions are establishing positions for Diversity Managers and the representative bodies of employers and employees agree on diversity policies Betriebsvereinbarung for their organisations or sector.

The most recent example in Germany is the social-partnership agreement on diversity management in the chemical industry between the Bundesarbeitgeberverband Chemie e. We are looking back on a decade of implementing various diversity activitites.

We can now evaluate and benchmark diversity activities, identify best practices, study and debate quality criteria and standards at conferences and in publications in order to establish a more effective business case for diversity. This is good news. This is central, because without this connection, diversity as solely an HR thing wither on the vine.

The challenge of inclusion The Hewitt study focuses on one crucial shortfall in diversity practice: At conferences and in CEO statements it has become common practice to quote demographic statistics as a push-factor for diversity.

What they yet have to reveal is how to make it work. Inclusion is hard, harder than raising awareness or sensitising staff for diversity. It is even harder than diversity itself. Why is it so difficult to achieve? Secondly, inclusion is about how to make the mix work. Reference to demographic statistics is by far not enough.

The way forward is more complex:. Such a business approach is necessary in order to deescalate many of the contentious issues around diversity. This is key to creating an inclusive environment. It shifts diversity from being about various constituencies — for example migrants - to being about the organisation.

CEOs, managers and employees need to believe that diversity is key to their organisational and business success. What is needed in order to move beyond present best practice and implement new strategies for a diversity breakthrough? Diversity management oriented organisational development We need to ensure that structures are in place, which support diversity and inclusion.

How can it work? Structural organisational change supportive to individual learning processes need to be matched. This also implies that change processes need to take place at all levels, in order to avoid individuals — diversity competent staff or migrants — being burdened, frustrated, giving up in defeat or in the worst case, being blamed as solely responsible for tensions and conflicts.

In order to avoid such negative effects of diversity Taylor Cox emphasises the need to relate workforce diversity to organisational issues such as organisational culture and managing change organisational development. Up to now few studies are able to assess the impact of cultural diversity in economic terms.

Also what is meant by diversity competence, cross-cultural, cultural or intercultural competence is still vague. Quality criteria and quality standards on intercultural training, diversity and cultural mainstreaming, i. The Hewitt study argues that the paradigm of diversity sensitivity and tolerance - which was part of the past generation of diversity work — had its limits in the ability to foster a sustainable inclusive environment. Although the tolerance approach resulted in zero tolerance policies based on anti-discrimination legislation and affirmative action strategies, it also undermined inclusion because of its implied audiences: Individual identities cross-cut various group categories.

Furthermore, individuals often feel stigmatised once categorised according to one characteristic. Such oversimplified group categorisations immediately put an important part of the members of an organisation or community on the defensive, i. New strategies need to move toward greater inclusion. A paradigm shift needs to focus on individual and organisational diversity competence and cultural competence more specifically.

They identified three types of multicultural teams:. DiStefano and Maznevski argue that top performance through synergy of individual differences cannot be taken for granted but is a process accompanied by human resource development interventions based on their MBI-Model of managing cultural diversity. The MBI-Model consists of three stages for dealing with diversity: In essence it is a three phase process of acquiring cultural diversity competence: It includes various aspects such as cultural origin, gender, education, work experience etc.

The aim is to equip the team to reflect one own cultural identity, i. In the Integration phase strategies are in place to manage differences, i. It includes monitoring participation patterns, solving disagreements and creating new perspectives. Activities and programmes in human resource development HRD not only accompany this process, but take a lead and an active role in ensuring the outcome and impact of diverse teams.

As outlined below, such activities reach the best results once they are an integral part of cultural mainstreaming.

Intercultural and diversity training Almost all diversity strategies have an intercultural and diversity training component. What we do know is that diversity teams performed worse on problem-solving tasks when they were untrained to deal with differences. With training, however, they outperformed the homogenous teams significantly.

Cox argues that there is a need to study in more detail how performance links to diversity, i. Yet there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Diversity trainings and intercultural trainings are so diverse that they are hardly comparable, quality criteria and standards are missing, indicators for measuring results, i. Often training just touches the tip of the iceberg and seldom tackles the deep-seated problems of cultural diversity in organisations.

Successfully managing a diverse workforce is difficult to accomplish. It goes beyond sensitivity and intercultural trainings or promoting specific previously disadvantaged groups such as women, gay or migrants. There is an increasing realisation that a more diverse workforce is much more difficult to manage.

A diverse workforce also means more diverse desires, beliefs, work styles and behaviours posing increasing challenges to human resource management, leadership, communication, etc. The issue that needs to be addressed is: What do we mean when we talk about cross cultural and diversity competence and how can we best formulate a diversity strategy that ensures the required breakthrough?

A paradigm for cultural competence: Competence stems from the Latin verb competere to strive together, to coincide, and be suitable. Competence can be defined as a cluster of complex, self-organized professional, methodical, social and personal abilities and commitments created in a life-long biographic development that enable a person or an organisation to act and interact effectively in a job or situation, act creatively and handle uncertainties successfully.

Competence, performance and communication are interlinked. In other words, we observe competence through performance. Hence we can distinguish between qualification and competence: Qualification can be defined as positions of measurable knowledge and skills, centred on specific subjects and measurable in tests Heyse et al.

In order to perform well professionals require both, qualifications and competence. Since communication and performance take place in constant reference to reality models of society that we construct through the help of culture programmes, we experience great difficulty to interact with people of other cultures without prejudice and clandestine devaluation.

Yet we all know that our future depends on the fact that we need to succeed in overcoming fundamentalist thinking and deep-seated prejudices. Hence we can already predict today: In order to achieve such competence we need to accept the cognitive autonomy of each person, just as we learn to respect the right to existence of every culture and the competition between cultures. What we do and say, feelings as well as moral orientations and views play an important role.

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