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Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro. Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic. Mi Sphere Camera Kit. Mi Air Purifier 2. You might also like. Mi Max 2 Mi 6 Redmi Note 4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Review: Speedy performance for cheap The phone easily shows why Xiaomi's making plenty of waves with its gadgets and proves that you don't have to skimp on quality with budget devices. Xiaomi Mi Note Review: Xiaomi's latest flagship dazzles with quality design With its trim design, powerful hardware and camera, the Mi Note is a premium high-end phone that sets the benchmark for the company's upcoming flagships, all while selling at a much more affordable price than competing phablets.

Cardio exercises like aerobics are great for improving heart and lung capacity as well as weight loss. Pair with the Mi Fit app and plan workouts better. Monitor trajectory, pace and heart rate on walks and runs. Mi Band Pulse intelligently switches between fitness and sleep tracking so you can always receive precise, up-to-date information in the Mi Band app. Hit your goal for the day?

Share your results with friends and see who took the most steps today! Simply reach for your phone, swipe, and unlock. Anyone else who tries will be prompted to enter a passcode. Your Mi Band can be linked to your Mi Account, enhancing the security of your personal data. Never miss an important call again. Ask Mi Band to sense when a call has not been picked up within a certain time, and notify you immediately.

The 1mm thick aluminum alloy sensor surface is manufactured using a step process. Compression molding, polishing and sandblasting give the metal sensor a smooth texture, while CNC milling adds shine to its edges.

Three indicator lights, each 1 mm in diameter, are created using micro-laser perforation technology. Made up of 91 holes, each 0.

It is soft to the touch and fits snugly for ultimate wearing comfort. Its power consumption is less than one-fifth than that of similar accelerometers. This incredibly low energy consumption means Mi Band can go up to 30 days between charges. At 8mm, Mi Band's 41 mAh battery is extremely thin and powerful. One full charge can last you 30 days - that's 4 times longer than other fitness bands.

Compatible with iPhone models 4s and above that run on iOS 7. Mi account Sign Out. Redmi Phones Redmi Note 6 Pro. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro. Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic. Mi Sphere Camera Kit.