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Sziget Festival is full to its Budapestal brim with culture, music and arts. This humongous festival is held on the Island of Freedom in the centre of Budapest, this is a .

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The website compares every flight and will select the most favorable offer you can get. Be aware of the limited luggage space, especially when you have to take tents e. Travel also offers cheap hostels, pre-pitched tents and lockers as an option. Travelling by car to a festival gives you freedom when and where to do pit stops and perhaps include some sightseeing while on the road. If you have some free seats left or looking for a ride, there are several website you can check out. Sharing a ride is a great opportunity to connect with people and share your journey costs.

Keep in mind that during the ride you will pass several toll roads. At most of these check points you can pay by credit card, but we would still advice you to bring cash with you. In Austria and Slovenia it is obligated to place a vignette on your car. A vignette is a form road pricing used on vehicles to indicate that road tolls have been paid.

You can buy vignettes at every border. There are different vignettes for cars and motorcycles. Last, you can buy vignettes with different validities, such as 10 days, 2 months and 1 year. Instead, we would recommend to park your car in the city nearby and travel further with the public transport or to park your car in one of our secured parkings.

Make your car Roadtrip-proof. First of all, make sure your car has had a check-up by the garage. This will save you unexpected surprises.

Don't want to miss a thing of the festival, but also preferring some luxury? Then the VIP Camping is the perfect spot for you. Take a refreshing dive into the swimming pool or enjoy a snack at the VIP snack bar. Perfect choice for people that prefer a bit more service than you get at the regular campsite.

It's located in the northern-west part of the island, in a nice shaded area. One of the accommodations of the Sziget Glamping is the perfect choice for you if you want to stay at the festival site but have more luxury and sleep in cozy houses, caravans or wooden huts during the festival.

Don't feel like bringing all kinds of tent materials? Order the Sziget Camping Set or buy the products separately. When does Sziget take place? The Sziget Festival takes place from August 7 to 13, When can I enter the festival site? When does the festival end? The last acts will perform during the night of Tuesday the 13th on Wednesday the 14th.

Everyone is requested to leave the festival terrain on Wednesday morning at 8 AM. What is the minimum approved age of a Sziget visitor? Sziget Festival does not know a minimum approved age, but children below 14 years old cannot enter the festival terrain without the guidance of an adult. Children below 11 years old are allowed to enter the festival for free.

The only way to pay at the Sziget Festival is with your festival bracelet. The electronic currency can be picked up at the many charging points. You can also top-up your credit through the official Sziget Festival app. What is the exact location of the Sziget Festival? How can I pay? You can choose one of the following transaction methods by our professional ticket partner Paylogic:.

Is this going to a problem for my friends? On the tickets you can find the name of the person who purchased the tickets, not to whom the ticket belongs. Subsequently they can check the system to check the name of the ticket holder.

What do I have to do now? Paylogic will look up your order, block the old tickets and send you new ones. Can I refund my ticket? Travel is not permitted to accept or change returned tickets, but it is possible to sell your ticket to someone else. Would you like to have more information on reselling your ticket, or planning to do so?

Can I sell my ticket? Yes, is it possible to sell your festival ticket. In case you have found a buyer, please let our ticket partner Paylogic know, otherwise your buyer might not get in. What do I have to do with the e-ticket at the entrance?

At the entrance of the festival site, the e-ticket will be exchanged for a wristband. It will now make its official world debut on Tuesday at the Dubai motor show. A North American appearance will follow later in the month at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where we'll likely learn much more about this exciting road rocket.

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