hbwl wrestling

While this happens, her boyfriend is workin' in a prison camp lead by a sadistic and dove lovin' Robert Englund in an amu- sin' over-the-top parti This gory black Sci-Fi comedy properly bi es too hard to make it as 'a gross-out cult film but still, I was highly entertained by the insane scenes of death by tongue. Snobber siger jeg bare!!

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Mixed bondage wrestling It wasn't smart of Marsha May to get into a taxi 3. Kortney Olson wrestles a guy 4. Amadahy in wrestling control Scissorhold Knockout Wrestling with Dormida Teaser Mia Li Mixed Wrestling K views.

Mixed Wrestling Kempo Girl 3. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Searches Related to "mixed bondage wrestling". You Are Leaving Pornhub. The page you're trying to access: Ingen familie, ingen venner. Tf J succeed this time Stan- dard Video og Walthers Video. Lars von Hegnet for mange vintre siden i Bloody Darlings. Nilsson har om muligt endnu mindre skuespiltalent end Ringo, men hans sange er faktisk ganske habile.

Peter Jackson DK-video info: Jeffrey Combs, Michael J. Men Bannister er dog ikke udelukkende fupmager, han kan rent I Itai W. Well, se filmen og find u' a'et! Offer for Vold dir: Men det har vi heldigvis ikke. Lidet aner han lyder flot hva! Da Julemanden Indtog Mars dir: Sagen var nemlig den, at Santa Mars bar!!

Anyway, whatever you do; se den! Et glimrende eksempel er Der Hexentoter von Blackmoor fra. Det er hans betroede kaptajn Hector som i Gordon Mitchells imponerende skikkelse leverer den bedste skurkerolle. Mitchell ser fantastisk vred og barsk ud i sine scener. Reviews Xenon mangler simpelthen! The Bands have been. The company started out pretty good and a couple of Albert Band films worth checking out are Trancers - a well-made.

This 72 minutes fantasy howl takes place in central New York where Anton Mordrid Combs lives in a magnificent apartment that looks like a medivial labora- tory with a Raven and all , enhanced witli loads' of TV scre- ens and eleetric lights. In the mean- time Kabal Thompson eruises around the world stealing base ingredients for big time alche- mist evildoing.

At one point he even gets arrested, but witli his super powers, and help from Samantha, Anton easily shakes the police. It ail builds up nicely to the final encounter between Anton and Kabal. And there is no. They actually were the reason I rented tilis in the first pla- ce. Pretty good Sunday aftemoon entertainment and nothing more. The animals by tlie way, were provided by Crit- ters of tlie Cinema.

Fredag og Robinson Qrusoe instruktion: Peter O'Toole, Richard Round- tree m. Resigneret sejler Robinson hjem hl sit blokhus, hvor han tager sin store muske- donner og skyder knoppen af sig selv. Christopher Walken, Alison Elliott. Da alkoholi- n skal stoppe, sa vil han det osse. DK- vi de o info: Byens kvindelige politimand tar sig til barmen og kikker sig omkring. Doktor Crippen Lever dir: Dagen efter biir han da osse aflivet men det viser sig natur- ligvis, at det slet ikke var Crippen.

Mabuse stil er Dr. Jeg har ingen anelse om, om Dr. I Danmark havde vi i stedet.. Far til Fire og Dirch Passer!!! Hana-bi - Blomster og Ild dir: Nishi har beordret ham til at holde udkik med nogen skumle fyre alene.

Max Hunter Massimo Pupil I o talien, medvirkende: Klicheerne er mildest talt tykke. Nu er der ingen vej tilbage.

Metoderne er mange og avancerede. Der er sikkert ikke nogen, der ikke ved det men Stay Sick! Well, Child's Play 2! Et klart slaraffenland i menneskelig for- nedrelse og teaterblod.

Han smider dukken i en contai-. I gamle dage varede horrorfilm ofte kun min. It's also a well made film with a fun yet dated sound- track. The infamous UK censors cut over 30 min. A must for Francophiles! Friedman-pro du ced flick starts out with some surreal images- and editing that sorta caught me off guard, but then "conventional" story gets roli in'.

They even go to hell?!? Lots of nudity and infantile insanity - high quality trash entertainme. Cheerful "Carry On Nazi Chicks"!?! This bizarre flick is more offensive than , most Nazipi oitationers cuz the happy super sexy young chicks- in-the-third-reich don't really get punis- hed and the Germans ain't portrayed Reviews as bad guysl?! They just love sex and their Fuhrer! Haunting low-key Sci-Fi Spa- ghetti Western "Atolladero" name of a small Southern town takes place in the middle of the 2 lst century where a few veiy few decent people are surrounded by loads of vile and coirupt men on both sides of the Iaw.

One good cop wants to get out of this bleak and wretched place and of course everybody wants. The pace of the movie recalls Dead Man and the few but neatly done computer graphics suits the film. Every- body's wearin' cool outfits - no futu ri- stic fashion statements here. And no techno crap soundtrack; Iggy did the title song and the rest is pure Ennio Morricone influenced. This Django meets Mad Max tale is visual ly haun- ting and shouid not be missed even though the ending is a kind of a letdown.

Hilarious Mexican Wrestling Hon'or Nonsense! Caronte who survived the 2nd movie. With the help of three brains, a dwarf and some vampire zombies Caronte is planntng to take over the world, of course, by creating a neutron bomb!

Nice cover, nice notes on the back cover Julie Strain looks hot on photos - I'm a. Friedman Biood Feast etc. Well, them cops sure got some serious twisted fantasies! It also seems like it would be pretfy easy for the women to escape from the isolated ranch.

But in the end they've had enough and boob queen Us. The director's debut Pusher, was an excellent tribute to American Cinema Abel Ferrara, Scorsese and a portrait of the drug world 6f Copenhagen but Bleeder is much more person al, mature and grim film. Things gets compiica- ted between the last two when the guy starts beatin' his pregnant giri and the brother's threatin' to retaliate.

There's no real reason for the violence which m akes the mood of the movie extre- mely creepy. It's made on a low budget but is beautifully fil- med and aded with a great glam- punk soundtrack Bleeder is a movie that gets under your skin for days so check out this masteipiece.

Peter Falk as a cool beatnik psycho!?! Falk plays Nico, a drug dealing thug, whp hangs out at beatnik parties. Just like in Rope, he talks about committing mun- der and getting away with it cuz he's bored with the scene, man! He feeds a hamburger laced with ground glass to kid who dies. The kid's brother starts to investigate the crime and infiltrates Reviews looking like men and giris weaiing skil ts and high hair, Bill Haley ends the tape with a routine performance he died a few years I ater due to excessive drinkin'.

Not for squares, man! Hetero- sexual music for heterosexual people! First I must state that I'm a huge Fran- co-fan; but this is a mess. Today is and the forbidden world of Lesbos is treated like some kinda strange disease.

Our "guide" informs us that all lesbians seem to have normal jobs! By tlie way, teenage dykes are called'baby- butch! In several scenes through out the movie we're talking pure Ed Wood he could've made better movie with Iess money, I'm sure. The sanatorium where Kinski Renfield is locked up is almost in the backyard of Dracula's castle?!?

Night Of The- Biood Monster instead. It's totally hilarious and entertaining with lots of insane torture devices. Check out his lines.

Another mind-bomb from the director of The Curious Dr. Humpp Okay, Deadly Organ isn't as wacky as Humpp but there are plenty thrills for lovers of weird and obscure films. A spooky guy with a monster mask wrecks havoc on the beaches of Argen- tina by injeding heroin! He then plays an organ hence the title, I thought it was another kind of organ In the film's most outrageous scene two.

According to the - Mondo Macabro book Deadly Organ was made in ! The audiences of Argentina must've been pretiy shocked by this drug induced gem. The "plot" deals with Miss Mor- gan's revenge of her murdered lover. She doesn't use conventional firearms in her pursuit but instead she uses her VERY ampie bust of no Iess than 73 inches!! She literally chokes men to death with her lethal bust Yeah, this is sexploitation at it's weirdest Despite pom legend Harry Reems one of Mor- gan's victims thete's no hardcore sex scenes only mondo toplessness!

Lewis and early John Waters must own this sidde! The lead ador, Torben Bille, is one the most known dwarf adors in Denmark.. I guess, he would rather forget this ultra bizarre piece of sexploitation. Tor- ben lures innocent young giris to his mom's house with help of mechanical toy poodles!! In between his drunk mom are doin' several musical, num- bers!

The many sex scenes are pretiy close to pom and the soundtrack reminded me of Residents! It's like an insane mix between Bloodsucking Freaks and Pink Flamingos with zero comic relief - this movie will blow your mind!

Summary The sickiest of sick! The late smut peddler, Joe D'amato, has released hundreds of disgustin' sleaze epics but the min. Horse masturbation, hardcore pom, castrations and the most vile "snuff" images you ever will see on film. Canadian maverick David Cronehberg was actually inspired by this flick to make his masterpiece, Videodrome.

Friedman's Zorro- version is the coolest and sleaziest! People familiar with Exploitation Monarch David F. Of course it's sleazy as hell, some scenes are close to pom, but the spoofy jokes are a not Trash-movie icon Bob House On Bare Mountain, Love Camp 7 etc. Creese is hilarious as Sgt Felipio Latio get it? Alderman ain't bad as Estaban. Producer Friedman even makes a cameo as a sadistic soldier. Marins plays an evil wealthy man who bites off a girl's nippie, just for the hell of it!

Fans of this Brazilian maverick should check out it, anyway. Any sleaze-monger should own this cheap but mad flick Also check the director's magnum opus "Orgy Of The Dead" from - also a Wood story with the mighty Criswell in the cast!

Not a Meyer-classic but pretty damn good anyway. The dialogue, editing, pho: It's no Faster Pussycat, Mudhoney or.

A must for fans! Deranged sleaze samurai es him to satisfy gcki e. It's no -rnuch more sick Good production Mudhoney or. The women always hate it at first but then starts enjoyin' it Hanzo then stops and they ask for more, and they get it only if they give him the information he needs!?! Sexist and stupid but utterly hilarious and fascinating. A must for brave thrill seekers who til ink they have seen everything. As politically incorrerf as you ged Japa- nese Trash Cinema rules!!!

Routine horror effort Hellish Flesh is not an Cofifin Joe entry but an average horror tale of revenge. A scientist Marins gets his face destro- yed with acid by his young cheating wife.

The print from Something Weird Video is pretty wom but it's properly the only way to get this rare film. Only for fans of this Brazilian genius. You take some scenes from classic public domain films Keaton etc mixed it with historical W. Oliver Stone, eat your heart out! People who saw this at a drive-in in the early 70's must've been a bit confused.

Just saw Kill Baby Kill last night and, yes, it's another creepy winner from the most reliable Euro-horror director, Mario Bava. While it's not in the league of Black Sunday, it packs a lot iegitimate chilis and tnrills. John Waters meets P. Almo- dovar meets Troma in tasteless Sci-Fi comedy. Killer Tongue is an absurd tale about alien invasion. A young woman who's lover is in jail for high way robbety they committed toget- her is "invaded" by an alien in ner soup.

This leads to a weird transforma- tion of her tongue!?! It suddenly grows to 10 feet and nas now got a taste for human flesh. The tongue also starts to talk! While this happens, her boyfriend is workin' in a prison camp lead by a sadistic and dove lovin' Robert Englund in an amu- sin' over-the-top parti This gory black Sci-Fi comedy properly bi es too hard to make it as 'a gross-out cult film but still, I was highly entertained by the insane scenes of death by tongue.

The FX are excellent it won prices and the acting is pretty good so check it out Viewers easily offended s h ould stay clear of this freakish flick mm mmmmmm mm aka Liebesbriefe Einer Portugiesi- schen Nonne Summary Nasty nunsploitation from the Godfather of Eurosleaze Ken Russell's classic The Devils almost gave birth to a new genre of the exploits of sex starved and repressed nuns.

A teenager is catight lussing with her boy- friend by an evil priest who talks her mother into sending her sinful daugh- ter to a con vent From the first day and all through the movie the poor teen is put through one sexual humiliation after another ind. It's sleazy as hell but also very done, beau- tifully shot good locations and well aded.

A must for fans of stylish European 70's smut! The Godfather of nazi slea- ze cinema! Love Camp 7 was the forerunner for the more nasty 70's nazisploitationers like "Ilsa" and the more vile Italian rip offs Nazi Love Camp 27 etc. It's tamer than those but Bob Cresse's gleefully,. Friedman Blood- feast etc. Frost went on makin' films like the bizarre and extremely un-PC Black Gestapo. Somebody should write a book on him. This is one of the best, creepiest and most stylish from the Godfather of Eurosleaze.

Z is a semi-sequel to the classic The Horri- ble Dr. Zimmer, who calls himself a disciple of Dr. Orlof, dabbles in mind control with the help of a weird spider-like metal contraption which injects electric needles into vic- tims brains. After other doctors laugh at him and his experiments, he suffers a stroke but before he dies his daugh- ter promises to continue the experi- ment She visits a nightclub where an exotic dancer, Miss Muerte, perform a "show". Miss Muerte then becomes a z'ombie-like killer machine for Dr.

Zim- mer's daughter and goes after the doc- tors who ridiculed him. The Aztec Muramy etc You don't always get the best results but at least ifs interesting.

Pun idea but the film spends too time with the bikers' love affairs, bar fights etc In the end the gang gets their sliit together with their special built war bikes no Harleys!

It's too late to save the movie but Tarantino must've been impressed since he used some scenes in Pulp Fiction! Super cute Barbi Benton grows up the hard and saucy way! Naughty Cheerleader follows the car- nal adventures of a homy and naive teenage slut She meets lots of dirty old men like Klaus Kinski 0 and Hugh Hefner in her quest for satisfaction. It's not as sleazy as many sex comedies of that period but you won't find a giri more cute than Miss Benton.

She also released singles on Playboy Records, acted in the McCIoud series and the last film I saw her in was the hilariously bad but funny Deathstalker ;.

One of Franco's best!! Bloody Judge is exactly what the excel- lent Christopher Lee portraits in this big budget yeah, Jess Franco with money!?! It's beautifuily shot and filled with impressive battie scenes and lots of politics based on a true sto- ry!

If you see the uncut LBX version you'll get a sleaze-o-rama of torture, nudity, whipping etc Franco regular Howard Vemon is over-the-top as the chief torturer made me think of Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein! Franco and Lee s h ould be proud of this. Nymphs Anonymous is a league of women who One woman tries to seduce everyone in her path; her husband, landlord, shrink and when that's not enough she calls for the FFF Fast Fast Relief!

Her immortal comment WHAT! They accidentally shot her hus- band and well you'll have to see for yourself. An o ther Something Weird Video to lose your mind to. Retarded bad taste sex comedy for the sleaze-monger in us all! Nerdy gas stop worker gets involved with three sexy nymphos who unfortunately also have a pound roommate who's got the hots tor our skinny "hero". Lots of infantile, nude slapstick goes on in. Digart in a iong hot saucy sex scene with a gal and two men. Films like this Summary: This is the 3rd movie in the infamous Olga series starring Audrey Campbell and it's a classic sickiel The pseudo mondo narration and the Wagner-like music gives the film an unique edge.

Ifs low budget but nicely shot hand- held camera, dogme-style! Waters was expelled within a year in a reefer scan dal. Olga, an anti-PC masterpiece, and Love Camp 7 are the obvious inspiration for the wonderful Bsa movies and countless others. The monster-plant is ultra cheaply made but funny in a brain drainin 1 sort of way.

The end is pretty neaf though, Check out this Something Weird Video release at your own risk! Completely out of control horror comedy! Unlike most of American horror come- dies of the 80's this Brazilian gem deli- vers.

And ifs funny, too!! I've heard the excellent sound- track with Crypt and Estrus bands two years ago and I wasn't disappointed with the movie. Jack Oblivian af Memphis' sadly defunct Oblivians stars as an alien assassin who was sent to earth in '54 to kilt beatniks and now he's back to kill hippies and other low- lifes. His sidekick is comic book junkie, v Mike Maker of trash rockers The " Malkers and.

And look for that infamous death-by-hammer-and L sick! Th ri II seekin' horror addicts should be able to get their jaded kicks with this low budget the monster make up is a bit tacky cheerful and wicked gem. Why waste your time with pathetic 90's Hollywood horror when films like this exist By the way, Vincent Price once said that Reeves was the best director he ever worked with! It isn't more vile than others but the otherwise liberal Holland cut over 30 min, of ifs 92 min.

Ifs uncut like most releases in Denmark, The film delivers the same usual over-the-top torture and sexual degradation against women they escape in the end, though. Not the best or worst of the genre - for collec- tors only. Entertaining Danish juveni- le delinquent flick The last film of Danish director Poul Nyrup is also his best A gang led by the sadistic Devil-John deals in petty crimes like robberies and fist fights.

Later murder and porno flicks follows. The showdown between Devil-John and the police is a standout Vintage sleaze of the mid 60's with rockin' soundtrack to boot Recommended! The title could be translated to "Gutter Heroes". The lurid gme Summary. Yes, ifs true, Coppola made "Nudie Cutie" before Dementia 13! Teas or Kiss Me Quick.

He shouldn't be ashamed, though, cuz at least ifs better than the pathetic Jack!! Weird slasher sleaze Roberta and Michael Findlay. The film 's "plot" is women getting naked and then being killed, Ifs a bit better than your average Doris Wishman-mo- vie and is kinda of fascinating in a twi- sted sort of way but definitely not for everyone. The other films in the series follow the same "ideas". One of best nazi sleaze flicks! This sickie has very good production values, decent acting and an exciting story line for this kind of trash.

Them deranged nazis is at again in one of those generic "women's work camps". Ifs not as graphic as others but the vile. Ifs unsettling as hell cuz ifs so well made. Villa Vennely is a brothel in a posh area of Copenhagen, where men can gamble, drink and, of course, enjoy the company of hard drinkin', pili poppin' ladies of the night What sets this film apart from other skin fiicks of that time is it's daring call for legaliza- tion of prostitution. And there's an excellent garage surf soundtrack.

Properly the stupidest movie ever made! It should give you a clue of what kind of hash we're dealing with here. After showing off his flashy fast car the "hero'' gets beaten up and his giri is brutally raped by a moronic biker gang. He then contacts his leung fu buddies for help and they beat up the bikers and cut off the leader's penis! The bikers then come back and gun down the kung fu guys The s pirit of Herschell Gordon Lewis lives on, so get a copy of this obscure anti- masterpiece!

Swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich also worked with Jess Pranco, so you know you're in for a treat! Super kitsch from the "ffee loving" 70s If you don't speak Danish, this won't do mueh for you except for massive doses of nudity. All the characters encounter several kinky adventures but they all talk like way they did on the Danish theaters in 40s, making it all an unintentionally laugh not Even the hippies of Christiania talks like my grandparents!

As funny and ultra pre- tentious as Last Tango In Paris even though ifs too long. The mind boggling film was made by the father of Nicholas Win- ding Refn who made Pusher and Blee- der! Reviews For a doeumentary Wadd ain't so innovating, and maybe it's too long but still my eyes were glued to screen. I know it's almost impossible to make Holmes-docu that isn't intere- sting but Wadd is a fascinating and important portrait of a legend that some called The Elvis Of Pornography!

The director made Bladt- enstein the same year! Another wacky bomb from Something Wetrd Video's Vaults of vin- tage sleaze.