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I would like to receive info on Redbox ownership I need details. I would like to know how to get a red box for our apartment community. Upon the heavy traffic at this location, we are asked on a daily basis for a redbox service. I would like information on how to own a redbox.

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Finally, after years of trying to find information about how to get a Redbox online, I actually contacted Redbox and asked them! Here is the lowdown on how to get your own RedBox machine.

If you would kindly forward useful information needed to contact the appropriate people or persons responsible for the placement of a Redbox DVD kiosk machine it would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your immediate attention to my request. Please feel free to contact me that the enclosed number as I am anxiously awaiting a response. Timpson dltimp verizon. Hi Damone and all — Make sure you use the contact information provided in the above article to apply to get a RedBox DVD machine outside your place of business.

Please look into placing a red box machine in Ocean Pines, MD. Our traffic volume is very hight and the populations ranging over , people living in the area. My Cel phone is Sheesh, read the instructions! I am an individual interested in getting a redbox if I partner with a business owner of a gas station. How would I begin the process? Does anyone not know how to read? Doesnt it say to email the above 5 or so questions to the red box email? Jesus, Thank god you just want to rent a red box machine.

I am interested in buying a redbox kiosk. I have a friend with a store already lined up and would like to know how I get started. We have plenty red box locations in my town but none that are drive through. So I propose opening a drive through location.

Please contact me with info on purchasing a few red box machines. My husband owns 3 bussinesses and we are interested in purchasing a redbox machine to put at one or possible two of the bussinesses.

We have a high volume of customers 24 hrs a day. Please send us some information on how to purchase machines, prices, and any other information we need. I am interested in getting a red box on my property. My store is on the main street of our town. My store is a Casino, convience store, gas pumps, deli and a car wash. Looking forward to hearing from you and to become business partners.

We own a small strip mall, including operations of a liquor store, external Pepsi machine, between a Chinese restaurant and Subway. There are 10 hotels within walking distance on three sides of us and residential housing surrounding them. The local is on a major local streets near the intersections of I and I exit 25 off I I just emailed the redbox company. Hopefully I will get a reply. And I will leave some tips here. To the people leaving your info on this post are wasting your time.

This is not redbox this is simply a post. You need to email the company. I am the manger at an apartment community, we are located directly across the street from Cal State Fullerton and have a primary student based community. We are very interested in having your business here. All I want for Christmas is a Redbox! What a great idea, great concept, love it! Have used it several times and love the reservation on line option.

Have lots of Tim Hortons locations and would love a Red Box at every location. I want to own a redbox. I rent all most everday. The place I am thinking of thousands of cars and hundreds of people drive and walk pass by everyday. It is in chicago ill. It will be a good investment my e-mail is rudy2tapia gmail. The more detailed the numbers the better, i. Quick Pic Market quickpic1 yahoo. Traffic from area town pass serveral times a day going to and from work or Lubbock for business.

People from Lorenzo, Ralls, Crosbyton, Petersburg, and Idalou pass this location many times daily and would be thrilled to have this wonderful convenient location to rent movies. Thank you and I hope you will consider this wonderful location for placement of Red Box. We have one Redbox located in our town Iola, Kansas. It is an inconvenience due to fact movies are hard to rent because they are always rented out. I would like to see another located on the opposite side of town.

I know My current employer has tried contacting to see about getting one located at her business on East St. Your response to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

We are interested in having a Redbox location in our town. We have the possibility of three different sites in town that would have the foot traffic to warrant installation. Could someone please contact us with more information. Please call any week day after 10 a. Our phone number is Earlville Library District, P. Box , Earlville, IL Thank you.

Dont post your comments here, make sure to email your info to questions redbox. Customer traffic is estimated at 21, — 27, Please contact me with further information at ext. It is a smaller town with no movie theater and one small rental place.

Saurin Patel dpmarket66 gmail. I am a business owner. I own a ice cream shop in Orocovis. Please send me the info. WiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiI am located in Stratford,Ct. All Redbox kiosks are owned and operated by Redbox Coinstar. They do not franchise, but you can apply to get one installed by Redbox if your location is a good fit. If they install a kiosk it will be merchandised and maintained by Redbox employees.

Im the best at what i do, but am looking to brighten my horrizon and add other sources of income. Im a frequent user of Redbox, and would like to add a few in the city Im doing so well in. I would like to add a couple Redboxes at a few different locations. Can you get me the info on getting me set up. I know we can be successful together! The closest Red Box is approximately 6 miles away in either direction from us. We open our store at 5am and close at midnight everyday.

I feel that putting a Red Box in our store would benfit everyone in the community. We have approximately 17, people in the community and I estimate that at least one fourth come through the store on a daily basis. I own a pizza cafe across the street from university of south alabama. Promoting red box would be very beneficial for everyone.

We currently have two places in town but are always running out of the latest movies. Please consider my request. Seriously…did any of you actually even read the above article? There are specific instructions described above. Amazing so many just skipped over the details of this article. I am amazed that so many people want to open a business or expand their current business….

This website is not where you submit or ask for a redbox. READ the instructions at the beginning of this posting!!!! Estoy interesada en colocar una maquina Red Box en un nuevo Centro Comercial. Donde abrire una Tienda para la venta de celulares de la compania Claro.

I do not have a business but im looking for one to invest in…thanks. Hola, quiero tener informacion en como obtener una maquina de alquiler redbox. Tengo una tienda de celulares en el nw 67 ave,miami lakes,fl Esta zona tiene mucho movimiento de personas.

Gracias por su atencion y pronta respuesta. We are interested in putting a redbox outside of our store and would like more information. I am a business owner in Houston, Texas. This particular suburb of Houston has a population of circa 15, residents. Upon the heavy traffic at this location, we are asked on a daily basis for a redbox service. Please review this request and contact me if you have any questions. I live in the college town of Erskine College. Lots of students watching movies.

He said, he would check into it, but I think he has forgotten. I hate driving 20 min. How about putting one here in Due West? I run pub called Tippers here in my town. And my business is connected to a gas station and we are located on one of the busiest stretches of 4 lane road.

We have at least three subdivisions around us and more houses are going up. I think installing a redbox at my location would be very profitable.

Looking forward to hearing from you. The name of my store is central shop quick im located downtown 33, cars pass dailey and thiers know redbox wirh in miles. I am intrested in a red box for my business. I am located at a very busy intersection on the south side of town. There is no other videos available on this side of town. I like everyone else here want information of how to lease or be a partner for redbox.

The location that I want to plant the seed is very good. The nearest location to rent a movie is 30 miles away and the place I want to plant it will profit dramatically.

I assure it will profit you all I do not own my business but I have business owners that would like to have it. On US HighWay This site has nothing to do with red box. Leaving your business information here is like writing it on a piece of paper and throwing it to red box from a hundred miles away.

I want to own a Red Box; before the area is saturated with the same. Please contact me to get started. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something informative to read?

Frustrated trying to get someone on the phone that can give me instructions and sites to complete an application. The worst , was trying to talk with a human that hung-up on me.

She was unable to direct me to within your website. I look forward to visitng with you. LindaChapman lindachapman gmail. We are wanting to get a Redbox at our business and need to know where to send our information so we can apply for one. I am opening a new store in my town and it would be a prime place for a red box!

I keep going to all the little hints you have on here for my name ect. I am really interested and would like more info a. I would like to see about getting into the red box franchise and having a box here in Olivet Michigan close to the college.

Interested in putting machine inside of store. Hours are 7 am till 2 am. My name is Ken and my number is M-F 8am-6pm daily traffic cars a day, but the location is prime for a redbox!! I would informatoion about having a RedBox at my store. Please send info or tell me where to get it. I own a liquor store in Kansas, Ok and I was wanting to put a red box outside of it.

I was wanting info on how I can purchase one. If you can please get back with me and let me know what I need to do. Thank you, Thersea Hollenback. My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This publish truly made my day.

I would like to request an application for my senior apartment community. Please send me more information via email. I just like the valuable information you supply on your articles. Best of luck for the following! Thank you for posting this information. It is more than we found on the redbox website. I am bookmarking your page. I own a conveince store in the corner of 2 major highways. Little Caesars restaurant is located right beside us. This is a very populated area for our town.

Please send me more info. Have you consider on doing bussines in Mexico. We our having our Grand Opening in less than five days and would like to have a redbox machine. Their are several business, a residential area and a university near by our store. We are surrounded by lucrative opportunities. I Live down in Mexico, in Hermosillo, a city south the border.

Renting movies in Mexico still the only way to see movies these days, mostly because the great majority of people do not rent online. I think RedBox can be a blooming business down here. How can I get a franchise? Best wishes, Roberto P Corona. We have many customers that ask us constantly why we do not have one, they are now going to stop using Redbox due to this. Lineville st in Green Bay has 2 within one block, not fair!!!

The estimated population is between 5, and 10, people and the closest redbox is roughly a 5 mile distance. There is also a CVS store in the area as well. Suburban Area Average daily traffic transactions: I live in Adair. There is a dollar general location in middle of town that would be perfect or either gas station. Everyone comes through Adair. It is on a main hwy. And so are all the main locations mentioned. Everyone talks more about a movie box being here than anything.

It would thrive here … I know I could rent more with no worry of late fees. Would love to own it myself but either way. I have a great commercial location i think that will be a great place to place the red box please get in contact with me to talk more about the location thiers no movie rentels around the aera. Iam interested in putting a Red Box machine outside our business. We own the only glass shop here in Rayville Louisiana and also put Louisiana state inspection stickers on almost every vehicle in town.

I would be very interested in more information. I have had a bar for the last 28yrs and recently opened a convenience store at this location. There is no red box within 15 miles north or south of this location.

I believe that this would be very benefical for both of us. There is not one south of me. There is plenty of traffic to warrent one. Please consider this location for your red box. Thank-you for your time. We are a convenience store, Millers Market in Longview Washington. We are located at Washington Way and 32nd Ave Intersection. We have great foot traffic around to customers a day. We offer gasoline , deli, lottery, groceries, alcohol, tobacco, and we are really interested in the Redbox Vending Machine.

I believe that our daily traffic, shows that we could be a great partner with Redbox. Please contact Keith Bauman or Debbie Revis Edwin Concepcion Jr Email: Effort Average daily traffic transactions: New are building up.

About transactions per day. Please let me know. It is Alprime gas station, low price, always busy. We have groceries and beverages, lottery, and lottery tickets. And we also sales clothes and shoes, cleaning supplies and etc. The Marquis At Sugarland in Sugarland TX We have apartments and we are interested in placing a redbox at our community for our residents. Very big store and lots of foot traffic every day! Business opens 7 days from 7ampm. We leave the front lights on all night every night so store front is bright all night.

Customers can rent movies all night long! It is a great location! Please give me a call, my number is Thank You very much for your time! I am very interested in getting a Red Box here at my store. I have many customers ask everyday why I dont have one. My store is BP a gas station that sells beer, wine, tobacco, groceries, etc. We also have a kitchen and serve fried food which brings in extra busines.

There are no locations around here rents movies and I believe a Red Box here would do great. I have an average daily traffic of about people. Business hours are 5ampm and 11pm on the weekend. You can contact via email or at Syed. Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you. HI i owen few c stores in gainesville ga and i m intresting to put the red box on one of my location location is right in front the lake shore mall and on very busy rd i sell ver k gas a month very busy location same on my other location please let me know how i can get it.

I am a business owner, inquiring about getting Redbox for my business. Est since , location of business on major HWY. Good traffic location and very clean business and customer friendly. Thank you for all information, Virginia Tinkes. If the boots happen to be a branded one then you are sure to be counted as a true fashion enthusiast among friends and acquaintances. The complain of expensive price has changed into cheap exclamation — with so many types of Cheap UGG Boots, people can hardly choose out which one is best for them.

Appear for the provision of midsole for the overall flexibility of your toes. Therefore, UGG snow boots must naturally air dried after accidentally wet, warm shoes can only be used in the shoe itself is dry! The pad while in the boots is notable. Convenience Store Average daily traffic transactions: We are a convenience store located in the foothills of the Sequoia National Forest.

We are located 8 miles away from Porterville. Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. Well with your permission let me to take hold of your RSS feed to keep up to date with coming near near post. Thank you 1,, and please carry on the gratifying work. I own a trailer park and I am interested in putting a redbox for the families living there. Contact me as soon as possible please. I sent in an application with all the questions you wanted answered thru email about 3 months ago.

Please email me at roco yahoo. We are located next to Morongo Casino Resort and Spa. We are interested in having one of your RedBox put on our property. I think it would do very well here at our Gas Station. We have travelers that come from everywhere. People on there way to the desert to go dirt bike riding.

They head out there with their boats for the weekend. I have many people ask if we have a RedBox at our store. We are opened 24 hours! We sell well over k in gas and have foot traffic of about plus daily. We have 32 gas pumps!

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am very interested! Hello, i think that i noticed you visited my site so i came to go back the desire?. I guess its good enough to make use of a few of your concepts!! Have a convience store in a busy rural community. Would like to have a redbox inside my store. Would be the only one close by. Its such as you learn my thoughts! You seem to grasp a lot about this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something.

I believe that you simply can do with some percent to power the message house a little bit, however other than that, this is great blog. I will certainly be back. About 15, customers foot traffic per week??? I see Redbox outside of many many businesses that are lucky to have that much foot traffic in 2 months time.

I work at St. My phone number is and I would appreciate somone contacting me. I am interesting to get redbox at my business please call me at or email me thanks……esther.

Glad I found this site! I have been looking for cheap self storage prices and found them here in Romeo, MI. This is a great place to securely store your RV and boat. You will not find a better self storage unit to safely secure your belongings!

This is the very first time I frequented your web page and so far? I surprised with the research you made to create this actual put up amazing.

My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different web page and thought I might check things out. I am wondering how to go about asking to have a redbox put in our town. No offense, but our town has a bunch of high class people. We have to drive to Defiance, Bryan, Fayette, or Wauseon. Nothing in Archbold, Ohio. Fayette is a small town with hardly anyone in it. Again, how can Archbold, Ohio get one?

I hello I am interested in putting a Redbox at one of my business stores l taco bell ocated in Fresno California. The traffic is over 10, people per month with federal workers located within walking distance. If you could get back to me as soon as possible be greatly appreciated.

I would love to have a kiosk redbox at my business because I would love to provide it for my customers, my customers ask about it all the time at Columbia Station in the township there is nowhere to rent movies.

Not even one of those dummies should EVER be able to own their own business!!! So did anyone post to the underlined question about what it cost, what it takes to get, and if you make anything? So many… I had to stop reading all the post WOW! Keep commenting you personal details on a random blog. I got my redbox. Target Store in major shopping center The Marketplace Average daily traffic transactions: We would love to have a Redbox in Auburn Ks.

We are a small town but growing community with a lot of people that wants one in are town. We have a convenience store, Dollar General and a Liquor store.

Any of These places would be a great location constant traffic. Redbox DVD machine application link and information: Even small stores are getting new Redbox DVD machines. Donna English June 3, at 9: Tracey Cain September 20, at 2: Anonymous September 30, at Anonymous September 5, at 9: Debra Johnson October 20, at Alex November 22, at Anonymous February 3, at 1: Anonymous September 29, at 9: Lauren Knight June 2, at 2: Bill Jenkins November 15, at 2: Tushar Patel November 14, at 2: December 22, 5 Comments.

February 4, 51 Comments. January 25, 5 Comments. Getting funding to start a business is difficult and financing a Redbox franchise or other DVD kiosk rental company is no different.

When looking for financing, a bank is primarily concerned with your credit score and collateral. The credit score should be in the range. Collateral is the assets both through the business and personally that the bank would July 31, Leave a comment. Hi my name is Redbox Customer Service, please give me one moment while I review your question. June 27, 1 Comment. Well, for all those folks waiting to get a Redbox machine outside of their store, please follow the application process listed at the link above.

June 16, Leave a comment. May 28, 10 Comments. Coffee kiosks are the hot new thing in automated retail Coinstar, owner of the uber-popular RedBox DVD machines that prompt many inquiries each day from customers hoping to get their own kiosks outside their own businesses, is taking a serious leap into the coffee kiosk business.

April 23, 2 Comments. February 15, Leave a comment. The coin machines you see in grocery stores that give you cash for your change, and Redbox, the DVD rental kiosk business. February 14, 2 Comments. Most of us know the uproar that happened when Netflix decided to increase their prices to nearly double the amount customers were paying at the time.

Indeed, my husband cancelled our Netflix DVD mail-in service after that — no more pretty red envelopes in the mail. But we have Blockbuster blue DVDs in the mail now, and we February 12, 2 Comments. Redbox will continue to keep their DVD machines in nearly 4, Walmart locations across the United States, says a recent report: