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In one of the closest contests in U.S. history, the presidential election between Democratic Vice-President Al Gore and Republican governor of Texas George W. Bush (hereafter referred to as Bush Jr. to distinguish him from his father who was also a president), .

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Extremely well kept grounds. The top of the last 10 we visited Very helpful and friendly. AND it is Quiet. This is the cleanest park we have ever been in. The grounds are kept immaculate as is the laundry facilities. This is a no frills park but is great if you are just wanting a place to relax. Owner was very friendly. A lot of resident are permanent or long-term but sites are kept free of clutter. Most were unoccupied while we were there.

We would definitely stay here again. San Antonio is about a 40 minute drive. Lots of restaurants in Hondo. Lots of geocaches in the area. Can't say enough good things about this park. Quiet, peaceful location in the country but close to Hondo. Laundry even had a flat screen tv for your use! In more than computer professionals had signed a petition urging that all touchscreen systems include a verifiable audit trail.

Touchscreen voting machines can be easily programmed to go dead on election day or throw votes to the wrong candidate or make votes disappear while leaving the impression that everything is working fine. A tiny number of operatives can easily access the entire computer network through one machine and thereby change votes at will.

The touchscreen machines use trade secret code, and are tested, reviewed, and certified in complete secrecy. Verified counts are impossible because the machines leave no reliable paper trail. Since the introduction of touchscreen voting, anomalous congressional election results have been increasing. In and , Senate and House contests and state legislative races in North Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Minnesota, Colorado, and elsewhere produced dramatic and puzzling upsets, always at the expense of Democrats who were substantially ahead in the polls.

It never happened the other way. No one reported choosing a Republican and ending up with the Democrat. In Cormal County, Texas, three GOP candidates won the touchscreen contest by exactly 18, votes apiece, a near statistical impossibility. This may be the most telling datum of all: In New Mexico in Kerry lost all precincts equipped with touchscreen machines, irrespective of income levels, ethnicity, and past voting patterns.

The only thing that consistently correlated with his defeat in those precincts was the presence of the touchscreen machine itself. In Florida Bush registered inexplicably sharp jumps in his vote compared to in counties that used touchscreen machines, including counties that had shown record increases in Democratic voter registration.

In sum, despite an arsenal of foul ploys that prevented people from voting, those who did get to vote still went decisively for Kerry--but had their votes subverted by a rigged system. These companies have consistently refused to allow election officials to evaluate the secret voting machine software. Apparently corporate trade secrets are more important than voting rights. In effect, corporations have privatized the electoral system, leaving it susceptible to fixed outcomes. In the mid-term congressional elections, the Democrats won back the House with a seat majority and the Senate by one seat.

This might lead us to conclude that honest elections won the day. To be sure, the U. So there must have been honestly conducted electoral proceedings in many parts of the country.

Still, what has to be explained is why the Democratic victory was so relatively slim. Given the massive crossover reported in the polls, why was it not a landslide of greater magnitude? From 15 to 30 percent of erstwhile Republican voters reportedly either switched or stayed home. Most Democratic gains in were in normally Republican, White, suburban, middle class districts.

Meanwhile traditional Democratic strongholds held fairly firm. It seems the Republicans lost because while they focused on trying to suppress and undermine the Democratic base, they lost a large chunk of their own following.

In several states, residents in Democratic areas were confronted by purged registration lists, falsely based threats of arrest, and exacting voter ID requirements. Irregularities were so outrageous in Virginia that the FBI was called in. According to the polls, Senate Republican incumbent George Allen should have lost Virginia by a substantial margin instead of a few thousand votes.

Touch screen irregularities and voter discouragement tactics helped him close the gap but not enough. Democrats lost another seat in Florida and at least two in Ohio, Harvey Wasserman reports, that they should have won according to the polls.

The Democrats should have won the House by 50 or more seats and the Senate by a wider margin, Wasserman suggested in a radio interview Pacifica, May If it were simply a matter of malfunction, the mistakes would occur randomly, rather than consistently favoring the GOP. What we are dealing with are not faulty machines but fixed machines. The United States is the only country as compared to Western Europe that makes it difficult for people to vote.

Historically the hurdles have been directed at low-income voters and ethnic minorities. In some states persons who conduct voter registration drives risk criminal prosecution for harmless mistakes, including errors in collecting forms. In Florida some 50, voters were purged in in addition to the many purged in , many of them African-American, who still were unable to vote by In various states and counties the subterranean war against electoral democracy continues.

A relevant documentary is Unprecedented: The Presidential Election , L. Independent Media Center Film,