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Do not try to redeem the unredeemable. Second third, fourth, and fifth chances are for people who possess conscience.

If you are dealing with a person who has no conscience, know how to swallow hard and cut your losses. At some point, most of us need to learn the important if disappointing life lesson that, no matter how good our intentions, we cannot control the behavior-- let alone the character structures-- of other people. Learn this fact of human life, and avoid the irony of getting caught up in the same ambition he has-- to control. If you do not desire control, but instead want to help people, then help only those who truly want to be helped.

I think you will find this does not include the person who has no conscience. The sociopath's behavior is not your fault, not in any way whatsoever. It is also not your mission.

Your mission is your own life. Never agree, out of pity or for any other reason, to help a sociopath conceal his or her true character. Do not listen to this siren-song. Other people deserve to be warned more than sociopaths deserve to have you keep their secrets. If someone without conscience insists that you "owe" him or her, recall what you are about to read here-- that "You owe me" has been the standard line of sociopaths for thousands of years, quite literally, and is still so.

It is what Rasputin told the Empress of Russia. It is what Hannah's father implied to her, after her eye- opening conversation with him at the prison. We tend to experience "You owe me" as a compelling claim, but it is simply not true. Also, ignore the one that goes, "You are just like me. Do not allow someone without conscience, or even a string of such people, to convince you that humanity is a failure.

Most human beings do possess conscience. Most human beings are able to love. Living well is the best revenge. Post by Peter B. Post by carole And there's a good chance a lot of them are running the institutes and corporations that we depend on. Post by carole Post by Peter B. Post by pautrey Martha Stout, PhD Thirteen Rules for Dealing with Sociopaths in Everyday Life The first rule involves the bitter pill of accepting that some people literally have no conscience, and that these people do not often look like Charles Manson or a Ferengi bartender.

Post by David Post by Peter B. Post by Jan Drew Martin Rady http: Post by Jan Drew http: Post by Jan Drew Books for sale. Post by pautrey I was treated for mercury poisoning from amalgams and I am alive and well. That is what is demonstrated here. Post by pautrey I have peripheral neuropathy, and have been searching for a cause for over a year. I have read Hulda Clark's books where she mentions the mercury problem. I am only 35 miles from the dentist who sh is speaking with in her book.

Frank Jerome, who has written "Tooth Truth", a very enlightening book. Later, I will get my only root canal pulled. I truly beleive this is the cause of my problems. If you have a condition that the doctors can't find, it is wise to suspect the teeth.

Post by pautrey Here are her exact words posted on June 18th, to usenet I have been reading this thread. I have peripheral neuropathy. I have found a dentist alternative who knows that mercury amalgams are very dangerous. They can cause all manner of things. He will remove them and put in composities. The others will come out in a few weeks, along with the one root canal, which will be extracted.

If an individual has read on this subject and is knowledgable, he will take care of you. He has written "Tooth Truth and tells it like it is.

He tells how the ADA has covered up this problem. So, it is just a matter of finding the right dentist. He has people flying in from all over to get the work done. I believe the mercury is the cause of my problems. I hav felt better today that I have in the last 2 years, and am looking forward to getting the rest of the mercury out and the root canal pulled.

That was very true. I had been very very ill and my health was deteriorating fast. After much reading and research I was convinced it was my teeth. It wasn't easy, what if it didn't work? That was very stressful. Finally all the work was done, the metal was out, the bill was paid, I didn't have to sit in the dentist chairs for hours with a rubber dam in my mouth!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I was very relieved. A big big burden was lifted. What's so hard to understand? Post by pautrey Subject: Anth Jan Drew abuses the works of honorable scientists. Jan Drew mixes up true facts with naturopath nonsense and this way forces people to buy quackery.

Jan Drew walks over bodies. Don't let them be yours! Post by pautrey Date: Tactics Of Jan Drew Date: Her agenda is to promote alternative medicine while demonizing conventional medicine.

Post by pautrey I wasn't going to respond, but now that this has been said, do consider. Post by pautrey source and see the source of each website. Post by pautrey http: Scientology's advertising in these newsgroups Date: Citizens Commission on Human Rights wins award Date: Obviously, Hubbard's ideas about Jesus are something which Jan feels require no comment.

Post by pautrey For some reason my religious beliefs matter to her, but those of Hubbard do not. I promised to mention Hubbard's opinion about Jesus whenever Jan uses Scientology to attack the use of psychiatric drugs. Post by pautrey If what I believe matters and affects what I say about medicine. Post by pautrey then she must accept that what Hubbard believes also informs his medical. Post by pautrey Millions of children die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, but Jan calls it belittling when I try to stop this happening by pointing out the lies of people who oppose vaccination.

Post by pautrey As opposed to this argument, where you use logic. Zapper kills infectious bacteria Date: I'd like to report that I've used a zapper for a few years now and it does seem to work on infectious bacteria, based on my experience.

I originally built a zapper I have a degree in electrical engineering from Radio Shack parts using the plans in Hulda Clark's book. I tried it for awhile to kill intestinal parasites and then stopped using it.

A few years later I developed a high fever with a serious left ear infection to the point where I could feel pressure on the ear drum. I decided to try the zapper. I ran it for about 10 minutes holding the copper electrodes in my hands. About an hour later, green pus started coming out of my left tear duct. Obviously, the bacteria in the ear or tear duct were dying in great numbers, creating the resultant pus which was forced out the tear duct.

This alarmed me I didn't completely trust the zapper at that point and ran to the doctor for antibiotics, to be on the safe side. I have since used a zapper whenever I feel a fever or scratchy throat coming on, or when a lot of people are getting sick at the office. It still takes some time to get over the feeling of being sick, but at least the zapper keeps the infection under control so I don't need to run to the doctor anymore for antibiotics.

For me the worst part of being sick is the fever, which the zapper seems to break very quickly. Does anyone else besides the usual anti-quackers in this group have anything of interest to report about using a zapper? I suggest the skeptics build or buy one and try it on themselves before dismissing it outright. Teeth - how do I make them whiter? I thought of using bi-carb - but that is abrasive and it will thin the enamel down.

There's also jell packs which I was thinking of trying but these are expensive and cumbersome. I'll have to skip that - I'm against pills unless they are really necessary. Did you take the Ornithine? Post by pautrey Sadly, his enablers will be right along. Post by pautrey I am beginning to think there are dentists who are among those who are paid to talk against the anti-amalgam campaign, and I am beginning to wonder which ethnic group of people owns those dental supply businesses?

I understand there is one large ethnic group that pushes their "people" into the medical field, and those that cannot stand the sight of blood end up as lobbyists, teachers, politicians, entertainers, etc. The problem being, I am beginning to think all of thismuch to do about nothing in the field of alternative medicine is all true about this particular heritage, and maybe a certain European leader was right long.

The "almighty" dollar is the most important material object in this culture's life. Not all of the people connected, are of that nature, but I'm beginning to understand why the attacks on the U. It's not just alternative medicine that has been attempted to be hijacked Instead of "getting over it", like most people do, that have been abused, they keep abusing others that are not of that culture, in an attempt to "even the score.

Jan's hatred for Jews Date: Post by pautrey Yes Jesus was a jew, his own people rejected him. Post by pautrey They debunked all his words and works,. Post by pautrey and now debunking and lies are second nature to them. Post by pautrey That is how Satan works. Post by pautrey It seems to me the Jews here are trying to get even for the holocaust.

Post by pautrey Those are not words of hate. Post by pautrey When the statement is made of any group of people that "lies are second nature to them", the effect is to sow seeds of doubt, suspicion and mistrust in the minds of others, towards that group. Post by pautrey Even without insisting that it is "factual". Post by pautrey And even without attempting to provide an historical basis for that "lying" trait, in something that happened years ago.

Post by pautrey And even without attempting to link that group in to, uh, 'Satan'. I tend to think this is the alternative explanation. Post by pautrey Let us hear from those who remain silent. A detailed analysis via product tear-downs produces the following sub-Pareto charts, which bring the team closer the the primary causes that are driving high customer return rates —.

The Improve phase focuses on fully understanding the top causes identified in the Analyze phase, with the intent of either controlling or eliminating those causes. The best controls are those that require no monitoring irreversible product or process design changes. But oftentimes there are process settings, procedures, etc. In cases like this the Six Sigma team should do everything possible to error-proof the process, and should then add the appropriate checks and balances to the quality system for the long run.

What is Six Sigma? Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. Not all tools are used on all projects. Step 4 — Improve The Improve phase focuses on fully understanding the top causes identified in the Analyze phase, with the intent of either controlling or eliminating those causes.

Discussion What is a Six Sigma Kaizen? Lasting Success Details Matter Discussion: