Bilateral Agreements I

Overview Main bilateral agreements and arrangements between Switzerland and the EU. List of bilateral animal orders. Retrieved 9 January Texts of the agreements and application and implementation of the Swiss-EU bilateral agreements.


Some bilaterians lack body cavities acoelomates , i. Platyhelminthes , Gastrotricha and Gnathostomulida , while others display primary body cavities deriving from the blastocoel, as pseudocoeloms or secondary cavities that appear de novo , for example the coelom.

Some of the earliest bilaterians were wormlike, and a bilaterian body can be conceptualized as a cylinder with a gut running between two openings, the mouth and the anus. Around the gut it has an internal body cavity, a coelom or pseudocoelom. Having a front end means that this part of the body encounters stimuli, such as food, favouring cephalisation , the development of a head with sense organs and a mouth. Many bilaterian phyla have primary larvae which swim with cilia and have an apical organ containing sensory cells.

However, there are exceptions to each of these characteristics; for example, adult echinoderms are radially symmetric unlike their larvae , and certain parasitic worms have extremely simplified body structures. The hypothetical most recent common ancestor of all bilateria is termed the " Urbilaterian ".

There are two main lineages, superphyla , of Bilateria. The deuterostomes include the echinoderms , hemichordates , chordates , and a few smaller phyla. The protostomes include most of the rest, such as arthropods , annelids , mollusks , flatworms , and so forth. There are a number of differences, most notably in how the embryo develops. In particular, the first opening of the embryo becomes the mouth in protostomes, and the anus in deuterostomes.

Many taxonomists now recognize at least two more superphyla among the protostomes, Ecdysozoa [17] molting animals and Spiralia. A modern consensus phylogenetic tree for Bilateria is shown below, although the positions of certain clades are still controversial dashed lines and the tree has changed considerably between and The original bilaterian is hypothesized to have been a bottom dwelling worm with a single body opening.

Economic data Switzerland-EU, key data on matters concerning European policy. Texts of the agreements and application and implementation of the Swiss-EU bilateral agreements. Evaluation of the application of the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU. Seminars on European integration for employees of the Confederation and the Cantons. The procedure for gaining access to official documents in accordance with the transparency principle.

Participation in the EEA would have put Switzerland on the road to full economic integration and thus given it access to the European internal market on an equal footing with EU member states. When the electorate rejected EEA membership, the Federal Council decided to launch negotiations with the EU on a sector-by-sector basis to ensure that Swiss companies would not be at a disadvantage in key economic sectors.

At the end of , the EU declared itself ready for negotiations in seven sectors on condition that the negotiations be conducted in parallel and that they be signed and take effect together parallelism.

The EU set this condition because it considered that the different dossiers would only be in the interest of both partners if they were adopted as a single package. If one of the agreements were not to be renewed or if it were terminated, the others would also cease to have effect. On 21 June , Bern and Brussels signed the seven bilateral sectoral agreements.

This package of agreements known as Bilaterals I was approved by Together with the Free Trade Agreement, they make it possible for the Swiss private sector to have extensive access to the single European market of more than million potential consumers.

Bilateral Agreements I These agreements are — with the exception of the Research Agreement — conventional market access agreements:. Press releases Media releases on matters concerning European policy. Audiovisual Audiovisual on matters concerning European policy.

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