T-Mobile, Sprint say $26 billion deal would give U.S. tech lead over China

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Legere will also serve as a director. The all-stock transaction is at a fixed exchange ratio of 0. Tokyo-based SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom will sign a voting rights agreement that will give Deutsche Telekom access to voting rights for a total of 69 percent of T-Mobile shares.

The second round of talks between Sprint and T-Mobile ended in November over valuation disagreements. Analysts say that without T-Mobile, Sprint lacks the scale needed to invest in its network and to compete in a saturated market.

T-Mobile became the first major U. The company has also badgered rivals with its unlimited data plans. Sprint and T-Mobile hope the deal will give them more firepower to participate in auction for spectrum to develop 5G. The binocular and circled "12" markers on the map do not represent actual coverage. Deployment of MHz network is essentially complete. The network covers million people according to T-Mobile.

The deal was closed in April The licenses cover half a million people. T-Mobile is buying B block license covering three Ohio counties see the map.

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